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Bolingbrook financial planners can ensure you are on the correct path toward your goals. Deciding how to spend your life in Illinois when you retire can be very exciting. Once you are finished working you will have a great deal of time on your hands. There are plenty of effective planners in Bolingbrook that would like to help you get started saving for your future needs. Let us use your information to help you single out one you feel comfortable working with.

Picture Your Life without Work

If you want your current lifestyle to continue into retirement, you will need to make some smart money moves. A Bolingbrook financial planner will show you different ways to achieve the results you desire. First, you need to spend some time classifying your goals. Would you like to take a monthly trip to Wilderness Falls with your grandchildren to play some miniature golf, or would you like to spend your golden years getting into excellent physical shape?

Many planners in Bolingbrook may suggest that you move closer to family, either in Illinois or other states. This could provide several financial benefits, in addition to being able to visit more. A Bolingbrook financial planner would likely tell you that it could reduce your living expenses even more than retirement alone will. You would get the added benefit of having someone there to help take care of you, should you get sick. This could also be mutually beneficial since your children could use you as a babysitter on occasion.

Your Expenses Will Decrease

Retirement planners in IL will also let you know that many of your expenses will be reduced as the result of you not working anymore. You will save on gasoline costs, since you will no longer have to commute through Bolingbrook to your employer. This will also help save the normal wear and tear that affects cars due to regular driving. You will have more time to prepare meals at home and won't have to go out to lunch or dinner because you didn't have time to prepare food. Bolingbrook financial planners can elaborate on other savings you will benefit from when you stop working.

Many Bolingbrook financial planners may estimate that you will need to save enough money to replace approximately sixty to eighty percent of your pre-retirement income to support yourself after you leave the workforce. Financial experts will refer to this percentage as your wage replacement ratio (WRR). Some people in Bolingbrook may want to travel when they retire or keep up their current lifestyle, in which case their WRR could be one hundred percent or more.

A Bolingbrook financial planner could ask you about every potential future income source. You should begin to think about the possibility of receiving an inheritance. This can help to reduce the amount you will need to have saved when you reach retirement age. Many planners in IL will run an estimate to show you the amount of difference even a smaller inheritance would make to your financial plan.

The financial plan that your expert in Bolingbrook designs for you will probably include a mix of bonds, stocks, and cash. Those in IL just starting their careers will usually want to have more exposure to stocks. As you start to get older, an effective Bolingbrook financial planner will gradually shift some of the money you had in stocks into bonds. Bonds are less risky but generally do not provide as much growth as stocks, historically speaking. Good planners will monitor your plan as your age and lifestyle changes.

It would be wise to set up a bank account in Bolingbrook and set aside approximately three months to a year's worth of income. This could be utilized in case an emergency hits where you need quite a lot of cash. For example, if you were to lose your job, how long would you be able to keep current on all of your bills and living expenses? Your financial security can sometimes depend on having a rainy-day or emergency fund. A Bolingbrook financial planner can show you how to build this amount of cash up and where to keep it, so you can earn a reasonable amount of interest on it.

There are numerous clever and experienced financial planners in Illinois to draw upon. Be prudent and know your options before it gets too late to save the amount you need. Make one of the smartest choices you can make and use our form to let us help you find a local professional in your area. Bolingbrook financial planners can not only help you plan for your future but also start your children saving for theirs. Help your kids get started when they're young so they can live a very comfortable life when they choose to retire.

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