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Net Worth CalculatorDiscover Your Total Net Worth 

How much are you worth? Have you ever been asked what your net worth is, but didn't know what to say? Well using a net worth calculator is going to help you figure all of that out. Basically a net worth calculator will help you figure out how much you have to pay and what is already paid for. Professionals use this to see the value of your assets minus the cost of your liabilities. Your assets are your home, savings account, retirement account, cash, art, jewelry, stocks and other things of value that you own. Your liabilities would be things you are still paying on including your mortgage, credit cards and even student loans.

Retirement Planner CalculatorPlan Retirement with this Calculator 

You want to retire, but you're not sure how much money you need to save. Is retiring even financially feasible? To help you determine how much money you need before you retire you can use the retirement planner calculator. Starting with your annual income you can see how much you would need to save and how long it would take you to save the necessary amount for your desired retirement age. In addition to your current salary, you can see how much you would use from your trusts, pensions and social security.

Retirement Income CalculatorDetermine Your Retirement Income 

Is your retirement plan going to work? It's better to find out now than much later. Use the retirement income calculator to see if you are going to have enough when your retirement opportunity comes knocking. This calculator will look at your current savings and income to see if you are going to have the total funds needed to retire when you want. Basing the numbers on your present savings plan will allow you to make any necessary adjustments. You can also use this calculator to see what your savings will look like with and without inflation.

Asset Allocation CalculatorAllocate Assets in Your Portfolio 

Making sure your investment portfolio is balanced is a top priority. But what does balanced mean? The asset allocation calculator will review your investment options and make sure you are making the right risks. If you have to take risks they should be ones that you can afford. You can use an asset allocation calculator to look at your stocks and bonds to make sure your mixture will give you the profit you want and need.

Investment Fee Comparison CalculatorCompare Investment Fees 

You probably wonder why different investments have different fees. Many fees appear to be very close in cost, sometimes only varying a quarter of a percent between different investment options. Most people don't realize that these small differences in management fees can have a huge impact on the amount of money you have when you reach retirement age. Compare how fees will affect your returns and your retirement fund. If you are still unsure you can find a local financial planner through our website to assist you in finding great low-cost investments.

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