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A chartered financial planner has a rather difficult job, but it is a difficult job that he or she enjoys. However, the reason why you want your financial planner to be "chartered" is because they are not someone who has simply thrown a job title on themselves and started performing the job. Unfortunately, this is not an occupation that has a specific education requirement. Anyone can advise someone on their finances and get paid for it, but it is those who are educated and who have acquired credentials that provide advice based upon industry standards and by using an educated formula.

You have to be aware of the ethics and the credentials of a financial planner as a member of an association of financial planners because there are billions of dollars that have been lost due to scammers stating that they are legitimate consultants. So you always want to look for a chartered financial planner with some type of connection with an association. Even licenses are not completely reliable because an uneducated person can sometimes still pass the exam and be granted the license.

Investment Planning

When it comes to a chartered financial planner doing investment planning, they have to be registered with the state securities commission or with the SEC. This is because anything dealing with investing has to be carefully monitored for the good of the market. Believe it or not, one broker can make an incredible difference in the performance of the market. Every move is like a chain reaction, so it is important that everyone is honest and conducts transactions in a truthful manner.

For those seeking out a good chartered financial planner, making investments can be a very wise move for those planning for retirement and for those who want to make their money grow. Anyone at any age can make their money grow, but it is good to have help from someone who knows how to find quality investments and what amounts of money will be needed to do so. Since investing involves risk, the chartered planner needs to know what they are doing.

If investing is a tool that is being used toward retirement, then chartered planners make great retirement planners. Any time someone is investing in a 401K or an IRA, it is good to discuss the investment with a chartered financial planner. They can take a look at what you are currently contributing and then can make a suggestion about what you can contribute. Since these are retirement accounts that rely on investments, it is good to have the investments evaluated to see if there is anything better.

A Safe Investment

When you choose a chartered financial planner, you are making a safe investment. You are not dealing with a self-proclaimed professional. A self-proclaimed professional can be rather dangerous because they are not always aware of the latest standards, new tools to help you, and becoming a part of a financial planner association is something they can't do. When they're chartered, you're dealing with someone who has the needed credentials and who has a good reputation.

What you get with a chartered financial advisor is someone who ca help you roll over your Roth IRA and help you navigate the expenses that are brought about by parenthood. For instance, being a parent means that there are going to be medical expenses, field trips, constant school fundraisers, and then one day is the college education. By the time your child is 18, you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their food, clothing, and their education.

And what about buying a house? A chartered financial planner can also help you establish a plan that will help you to trim your expenses so that you can save a money for a down payment, find the right loan, buy your home, and make sure you're not paying more than you need to. It is important to not overpay for a home and a chartered planner will help you ensure that you're not overpaying.

You basically have to let your chartered financial planner in on everything about your finances, which is why you want to make sure you are dealing with a credible individual. You don't want someone who says that they are a financial planner and then find out later that they are not legitimate. It is unfortunate that there are some individuals who find out too late that the person they were dealing with was not a real financial advisor.

So to keep from being one of the individuals who find out that the person they are dealing with is not who they thought they were, make sure you are dealing with a chartered financial planner. Look for association memberships, licenses, and any other credentials. That way you know who you are trusting the details of your finances to.

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