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A CPA financial planner is a certified public accountant who is also a financial planner. In other words, they have what it takes to make sure you make the most of your finances and that you waste little. And because they are a CPA, that means that he or she is able to take on other finance tasks as well, which is ideal for many individuals.

The best financial planner being a CPA means that a person won't only be utilizing the services of retirement planners, but someone who can also take care of their taxes and their overall bookkeeping. It is possible for you to have your finances completely handled by a trustworthy outside party who can make sure that the unnecessary spending does not take place. It is unfortunate that many individuals lose so much money through unnecessary spending and they do not realize it until someone from the outside tells them so.

With a CPA financial planner working with you, they can tell you where you can save money, where you can put more, and they can also help you with investment planning as well. There are so many future events that are going to occur in your lifetime and you need someone to help you make sure you have the money for those events.


There are a lot of things that go hand-in-hand - for instance, your taxes and your IRA. This is something that needs to be reported on your tax return and so does your 401K. In other words, you want your taxes done right so that there are no unnecessary penalties. You also want to make sure you get the highest return possible. The reason is because you want to make sure that you have some money that you can put away in a savings account, invest, or place into any retirement accounts that you have.

You can also use tax return money to do such things as save toward the college education of your children. There are a number of things that parenthood brings about other than a child tax credit. That child tax credit can be used to save for the futures of your children. Then again, a CPA financial planner may advise you on how you can use it in buying a home.

Once you buy your home, your CPA financial planner can reflect any of the tax benefits on your tax return so that you are able to get even more money back. This is another one of the reasons why it is good that your financial planner is also your CPA. Your planner is also familiar with all aspects of your finances, which is another benefit. You don't have to explain your financial situation with your planner and then go to a separate CPA with documents and them know nothing about your finances or what you may qualify for.

Unfortunately, there is the occasional CPA that will look at a person and assume that there are certain deductions that they can take rather than asking. Although not common, it does happen. With a CPA financial planner they are familiar with what kinds of deductions you can take because they help you in the handling of your finances. In other words, your financial planner as a CPA really takes a lot off of your shoulders. When you have to do less explaining, the better you are going to feel and the more relaxed you are going to be.

Planning for Retirement

Because your retirement accounts tie heavily into your taxes, you are going to find that planning for the day that you retire is a considerable issue with your CPA financial planner. So if you want to roll over a Roth IRA or open an IRA that is separate from an employer, you can do these things. You can work with your CPA financial planner closely to make sure you have the money that you require when you retire.

When taking into account such issues as inflation and the fact that you are going to still have bills when you retire, it is very important that you have the money that you need to pay those bills. When you take into consideration that you could live up to an additional thirty to forty years after you retire, you get an idea of what kind of money you need. Think about how much money you have made and spent up to this point and how that will continue between now and when you retire. Your CPA financial planner takes these things into account.

So when you need sound financial planning, a CPA financial planner can be the individual to do that for you. They can work together with you on your finances so that you can meet all of your goals. Meeting goals brings happiness.

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