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Decatur financial planners need to be as honest, dedicated and as smart as Abe Lincoln. It is not just special financial planners who have these characteristics. Instead, any Decatur financial planners who have taken the fiduciary oath have committed to meeting only you, their client's, best interest. Beyond integrity and dedication, there are some other areas of which to be aware, particularly if you are among the many college student in Decatur, Illinois, who will be starting a new life within months or even a few short years.

Starting out, there are many concerns, which rattle the nerves of some, and merely provide yet another challenge in the young adult's life to achieve full independence from their parents. Emerging from school, there are usually concerns about finding a career minded job that will pay the bills. Likewise, there are decisions to be made, such as how to pay off the student loans, while starting to fund a 401k through their corporate job.

Additionally, another decision, is whether to live fully alone, or to continue sharing a place with friends. Or, perhaps it is taking the big leap of getting married and having to also plan for having children. While it may seem like you will never get old and never top working, it is still a good idea to start saving for retirement, even if you open your own Illinois Roth IRA and make your own diversified investments outside of a workplace plan.

The Next Step

The life transitions may seem like they have been ongoing for a good 5 to 7 years, if you have recently graduated and have been looking for a job. Perhaps you have met the man or woman of your dreams, and are looking to get married, start a family and find a home all your own. Each of these moves in life may benefit you greatly if you have the help of Decatur financial planners.

Setting out on your own is one thing, but it is an entirely new stage to begin thinking of sharing your life with another person. A Decatur financial planner can offer the helping hand you need to make the successful transition from merrily dating to happily married (and staying that way). Many, if not most, marriage difficulties arise from disagreements over financial matters.

Meeting as a couple with a Decatur financial planner prior to marriage can prevent a later date with Decatur, Illinois divorce expert financial planners. It is worth the extra concerted effort to make agreements now, and to meet up with the Decatur financial planner for a follow up six months and even one year after taking your vows together.

Baby Steps

Beyond marriage financial planner advice, also consider re-visiting the same Decatur financial planner regarding kids, when you are about to start your family. This can also again help to make the transition occur much more smoothly. For one thing, it is helpful to know that at least you have someone who can maintain perspective and who has no emotional stake or involvement (such as parents) in your decision making process.

When it is time to decide upon a Decatur financial planner, first and foremost start with a Decatur, IL professional who has taken that fiduciary oath. This will mean they, again, will be working only in your best interest. In addition, look among the fee only Decatur, Illinois financial planners, rather than seeking out a sales person who only gets paid a commission if they sell financial products to you and your loved one.

Finding Professionals

In addition, also make it a point to find planners who are from Decatur, IL, because they may understand you best. Decatur planners will evaluate your present monetary situation with regard to income and expenses (cash flow), and also your net income (assets minus debt). They will pit this up against your goals, such as getting married, having kids and saving for a rainy day. If you are in the negative zone, spending and owing more than you make, they might be able to help you cut expenses and plan to excel at paying off your debts.

Making Plans

Once the professional planners have weighed in on how you are doing at meeting your IL plans, then you will be given a report. This report will detail how to meet your goals. It will likely be delivered verbally, and with a corresponding written report to coincide. This will allow you to refer back to it if you have any questions about what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

Decatur financial planners can help make big transitions much more manageable. It is bad decisions that can cause the greatest stress in life. And, in this society, poor handling of money can make for a very difficult life.

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