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Des Plaines financial planners can teach you to manage and use money wisely. As parents in IL, its up to us to teach our children how to be responsible with money. Start teaching your kids how to be Illinois financial planners when it comes to saving and spending money wisely. At your next appointment with your Des Plaines financial planner, pick their brain for some of the most important lessons to teach your preschooler or school aged child about money.

Teaching Illinois Preschoolers About Money

When teaching your Des Plaines toddler financial skills, start small and make it fun. They don't need to know that they are learning! Once you are confident that your preschooler will not put coins in her mouth, let her play with some, under supervision, of course. Begin by sorting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters by size and color with your preschooler.

Take the financial lesson a step further by adding counting to the mix. Have your toddler count out coins in increments of fives and tens. Illustrate how various sums of money are equal to others, such as ten pennies and one dime. Keep these lessons short so as not to overwhelm your small child.

When shopping or banking in Des Plaines or anywhere around Illinois, take your preschooler with you. Daily activities, like a trip to an IL store, can be turned into lessons about money. Your preschooler learns best by observing you. As you use money in your everyday life in Illinois, take every opportunity that you can to teach your child about money.

At home, you can turn play time into a learning experience. Play games like store or bank with your child and use either real or realistic looking play money. Pretend your child is shopping at her favorite toy store in IL and have her buy her toys from you to learn how spending works. If she doesn't have enough money, she won't be able to purchase the toy. If your child is into it, you can even play Des Plaines financial planners!

Kids learn best to be planners through playing. When giving gifts to your preschooler, consider toys that can double as teaching tools. Shop around Des Plaines for toys that can do double duty as play things and props for lessons about money. A toy cash register is a great learning toy that you can use to reiterate your financial lessons.

As we know, and Des Plaines financial planners will agree, there's more to money than just spending. Ask any Des Plaines financial planner and they will tell you that the earlier one begins the good habits of saving, the better off they will be. Teach your child to save his money by giving him a piggy bank. Once he's saved enough, he can take his savings to his favorite store in Des Plaines and buy something with his own money.

Money Lessons for Older Children

As your children reach school age, they will be able to better understand the financial lessons that you are trying to teach. Teaching children to be planners when it comes to money will be a life long lesson but you'll see some more understanding as your child grows up. Now is the time to let your child experience some freedom with their spending.

While you should set limits for your kid when it comes to money, its time to start letting them make some of their own financial decisions. Since your child has been saving money is his piggy bank for some time now, let them choose how they will spend, or save, their savings. Take them to their favorite Des Plaines store and let them pick out what they want to buy.

Children of all ages should witness their parents spending and saving money wisely. Get in the habit of taking your child with you when you visit your Des Plaines financial planner. It may not seem like its making an impression at first but with repetition children will be on their way to becoming planners.

Most importantly, when it comes to turning your children into planners, its important to talk to your children about money. Talk to them about your appointments with Des Plaines planners and about how you handle money with a financial planning association. They'll be on their way soon.

Teaching your children good financial habits from an early age is important for their development into independent adults who use money wisely. Utilizing Des Plaines financial planners for help in developing your child's money aptitude is a good place to start. Ask your Des Plaines financial planner for some ideas as to how to make money lessons fun for all ages. With enough repetition, your child might even want to be a Des Plaines financial planner when they grow up!

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