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A divorce financial planner is simply someone who specializes in helping individuals face the financial consequences of divorce. Unfortunately, the consequences can be quite difficult to deal with. Assets are split up or one spouse simply loses everything. There is even the situation where credit can be ruined. It is a difficult road to travel.

Other situations occur, such as the dependent situation of a person. Perhaps an individual was the primary breadwinner, yet didn't get custody of the children. One of the aspects of parenthood is taking care of the children. This means having to pay child support, take care of medical expenses, and so much more. Fortunately, choosing a financial planner can accommodate for these things.

Adjusting Financially to Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, a divorce financial planner can help you work through the financial adjustments that you need to make. As a matter of fact, finances can be an absolute mess. It can be difficult to know up from down, so you need someone to help you sort it out.

For instance, your divorce financial planner can take a look at the situation as a whole and determine the best course of action. If you now have to pay child support, and even alimony, and you have no idea how you are going to afford it, your planner can help you determine how you are going to pay those obligations in addition to your own expenses. In other words, you can receive assistance on how you are going to live.

You will also want to look into the effect that divorce is going to have on your retirement. Your divorce financial planner can help you with this. For example, you and your spouse may have had a joint savings account. If that was the case, you probably lost some of the money that you were saving for your retirement. This means you are going to have to start over.


Financial planners are also retirement planners, which is one of their most common roles. You may already invest in such accounts as a 401k or an IRA through your employer. When you do, there is money taken from your paycheck and your boss most likely matches the money that comes from your check.

Unfortunately, when some individuals go through divorce, they stop their contributions because their support amounts are taken out of their check as well. A divorce financial planner will help you to still make your contributions while also supporting your children and your former spouse. It is important that you continue investing in your retirement because that is what makes for good financial planning. You will see it and you will feel it when the day comes that you need to retire.

And know that any time you need to rollover something such as a Roth IRA, you can acquire the help of your divorce financial planner. The financial planner tells you how to get the job done. They never make you do anything. They don't even make you accept any particular plan. That is something that you do on your own. You and the planner work together rather than boss each other around.

Investing in the Future

Investment planning is also important and something that your divorce financial planner will assist you with. Although your retirement accounts are a form of investments, you may want to someday engage in true investments so that you can bring in an additional income some way. Just know that you should not invest more than you can afford to lose. That way you are minimizing the risk.

There are other things that you may want to achieve in your future that your divorce financial planner can help you with. These things include buying a home. Although you may have done it once before doesn't mean you can't do it again. Another goal may be saving for the college education of your children. This may be something you want to work out with your former spouse to relieve financial liability.

And don't forget about the things that you want. There are things that you are going to want to do such as buy a car, go on vacation, and make sure you can treat yourself when you need to and want to. Someday you may even remarry and have more children. If that's the case, your planner will help you. They will help you from your divorce and beyond so that you can always make the most of your money.

So let a divorce financial planner help you survive the issues that dissolving a marriage can cause to your finances. What may seem like a bad situation may not seem so bad after all because your planner can put things into perspective for you. This new perspective can give you a new lease on life.

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