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East Lansing financial planners are experts in a number of fields, from estate planning to retirement planning. Certified Michigan financial planners can help residents set reasonable long-tern goals and reach their dream lifestyle during retirement. The earlier you begin thinking about your kids' college education, retirement and other long-term financial milestones, the easier it is to reach each one. Researching East Lansing financial planners online can give you a full list of your local options so you can choose the perfect personal finance advisor for you.

Assessing Your Goals

Before you contact to an East Lansing financial planner, it helps to outline your goals. If you have children, you might wonder how you will pay for their future education. Perhaps you want to make room in your budget for an annual vacation. You might even seek the advice of an East Lansing financial planner simply to become debt free. The right advisor for you will depend on your goals. If you have simple assets, you probably want a fee based personal finance planner. A number of advisors in East Lansing work on an hourly basis and can help Michigan residents of all incomes and ages. Knowing what your specific needs are can help you find the right planner for you.

While assessing your long-term goals, it is also wise to outline your retirement plans. Having a good mental image of your dream retirement scenario will allow your East Lansing financial planner to give you an accurate target for how much you need to save. Determining your expected budget can also allow your personal finance planner to determine which investments will best help you reach your goals. The higher your dream standard of living, the more aggressive your portfolio will likely be. A good East Lancing financial planner will temper an aggressive portfolio with a range of securities that will protect your nest egg as you get older. '

Planning for Retirement

One of the first steps you can take toward your retirement planning is paying off any debt you might have. If you have credit cards, a car payment or short-term loans, it is important to repay these balances before you start putting money away for retirement. This is because the interest you will earn on a savings account or investment likely will not equal what you pay in debt interest. An East Lansing personal finance advisor can help you develop a plan that allows you to quickly pay off your balances so you can start building your retirement fund.

Your first retirement accounts will likely include a 401k plan or an Individual Retirement Account, also known as an IRA. A 401k plan is available through your MI employer. If you work for a nonprofit or a government agency, you may have the option of a 403b plan. Your East Lansing advisor can give you other options if you are self-employed. All of these accounts allow MI residents to contribute funds tax-free until retirement age. A Roth IRA allows you to have your contributions taxed as you contribute. You must meet certain income requirements to take advantage of a Roth IRA.

Choosing an Advisor

Researching financial planners in East Lansing can tame some time and research. Using the results of your goal assessment, think about whether a large firm with a team of planners or a small firm or independent advisor will be the best fit. If you have a specific goal in mind, you might benefit from a single East Lansing advisor who has the flexibility to create a unique plan for your needs. Larger firms often offer teams of advisors, which are valuable in giving different perspectives and recommendations, but typically value structure over flexibility. Researching MI planners online can help you find a firm just the right size for you.

Another factor to consider when researching East Lansing financial planners is credentials. Planners who have earned Certified Financial Planner accreditation have achieved a minimum level of education and passed an exam related to their field. Certified Financial Planners also pledge to act in their clients' best interest and stay up to date with industry trends by taking required continued education classes. Aside from accreditation, communication skills are very important for an East Lansing financial planner. No matter how knowledgeable your advisor is, he cannot help you reach your unique long-term goals if he does not fully understand what is important to you.

An East Lansing financial planner can offer many advantages to Michigan residents who want to build a nest egg and enjoy a comfortable retirement. East Lansing advisors can help you pay off debt, choose smart investments and determine how much you need to save to achieve your desired standard of living. Researching East Lansing financial planners online can help you find the perfect advisor for your needs.

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