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Certified Eau Claire financial planners can advise you and your family on all areas of your personal finances, from saving money to purchase your first home to planning your estate and writing a will. An Eau Claire financial planner has the training and experience you need to take your family's financial strategies to a higher level. Instead of simply getting by from month to month, you could be saving money for the future and watching your income grow in a diverse set of investment funds.

The city of Eau Claire has been acknowledged as one of the best cities for young people in the US. Once a center of the lumber industry in Wisconsin, Eau Claire now offers its residents jobs in health care, retail and other industries. Eau Claire financial planners work with the city's residents to build funds for future education, save for retirement and make the most of their WI investment funds. Compare estimates from several Eau Claire financial planners to find a Wisconsin finance professional who can help you create a more prosperous life.

Eau Claire Saving Strategies

When it comes to saving money for the years ahead, you aren't limited to a basic savings account. Savings accounts can be the ideal financial solution for household emergencies and short term goals like buying a new car or taking a long vacation. However, to get the most from your hard earned income in Eau Claire, work with an Eau Claire financial planner to diversity your savings options. Professional planners can advise you on how to select the savings funds with the highest earnings.

Certified WI planners know the best financial strategies for maximizing the value of your money. Standard savings accounts may give you a certain amount of flexibility when you need to withdraw cash, but interest rates may not be as competitive as the rates you'll earn from a money market account or CD. High yield savings accounts are another option for Eau Claire professionals who have a fairly large sum of money to deposit. These accounts offer exceptional interest rates in exchange for a larger initial deposit and limited withdrawals, which should be discussed with your finance expert.

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are time limited accounts that increase in value over time. When you buy a CD, you invest a specific amount of money, which must be left with the bank or credit union for a predetermined period. The term of a CD may last from 3 months to 5 or more years. In general, the longer you leave your funds in holding with a Wisconsin financial institution, the higher the interest rate will be. When the term of the CD ends, you may withdraw the funds with the interest that you earned.

The drawback of CDs is that you can't withdraw your money before the end of the term without paying penalties. If you withdraw the money early, you may lose all or part of the interest you've earned on your initial deposit. However, if you can afford to leave your funds in holding for several months to several years, CDs offer some of the best interest rates available. Many WI planners recommend that you use CDs for short term savings goals, like making a home deposit, paying for a wedding or setting aside extra funds for retirement.

Financial Planning and Bankruptcy

When debt becomes overwhelming or you've suffered a severe setback in Eau Claire, bankruptcy may be the only option for restoring your financial health. Before you take this step, certified planners will work with you to determine whether you have any other options, like a debt management plan or settlement. An Eau Claire financial planner can work with you through this difficult time to find the solution that will help you and your loved ones get back on your feet.

An Eau Claire financial planner will sit down with you and discuss the different approaches to filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is the most basic approach to bankruptcy, discharging all of your debts if you meet minimum income requirements. Chapter 13 involves a planned repayment of your debts, which are paid off at a reduced amount. Qualified planners can help you choose the type of arrangement that's best for you and your loved ones. In many cases, qualified planners can help you arrange a bankruptcy without losing your home.

Whether you're currently in a personal crisis or you're in a period of stability, an Eau Claire financial planner can be a source of support. Eau Claire financial planners understand that life has its setbacks as well as its periods of prosperity. With the help of a qualified, caring professional, you can create a personal plan that will help you through the phases of your life. Talk with several local experts before you make this important decision.

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