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A family financial planner is one that takes into account the entire family's goals and also takes into account the different changes that can happen to a family. Throughout the years, a lot of changes happen and it is best to do what is possible to accommodate for those changes. That way, individuals are able to ensure the financial integrity of their lives. A planner is able to assist with this.

As for the many life changes that can happen and are considered by a family financial planner, they are many. There is marriage for those not already married, there is becoming parents, and then there is the act of divorce that no one wants to have to go through but it does happen. No matter the change, a family financial planner can help.


Marriage is a momentous event and, because of this, it is time for certain accounts to be combined and for plans to change. For each of you, your 401K and IRA accounts remain as they are. Because you most likely have these funds taken out of your paychecks, they have to be individual accounts. However, you both will benefit them when you someday retire.

But also with marriage comes even more responsibilities, which is something that a family financial planner takes into account. They have to in order to create a comprehensive plan for you. You both need to pay your bills, which will be higher with two of you in the home. However, two of you means more income if both of you work.

Buying a home is also something that you want your family financial planner to help you with. It is every married couple's dream to own a home when they can and that is something that many do. You don't, however, want to jump into the process. This means that you don't want to jump into a high interest or high payment loan situation and then find that you have difficulty with it in the future. Many foreclosures have been the end result because of this. You want to be as careful as possible and your financial planner can help you.

And because you are most likely going to spend the rest of your lives together, you want to make sure the two of you have a comfortable and fun retirement. You want to ensure that you can travel if you want to travel. So this means that you need to have a solid savings plan. Your financial planning is also going to include making plans for your Roth IRA so that you can ensure enough money is being deposited into it.

You may also find that investment planning is a part of your future. You can talk to your family financial planner about investing as a part of your overall financial plan so that the two of you can arrange for another account bringing in a steady income. You want to have as many income sources as possible and your family planner can help you with that.


Parenthood can be predictable, but it brings about a lot of surprises too. When you have a family, it is more than just you and your spouse. You now have things such as a college education to start saving for. So not only is your family financial planner firm your retirement planners, but also the ones that will help you make a plan for the future of your entire family. Your college financial planners will alter any other plans you already have in place and will make sure that it coincides with the changes in your life.

So you are going to be able to buy that first car, take care of field trips, senior pictures, medical expenses, and all of the unexpected expenses because the unnecessary is going to be done away with. Everything you spend money on will be necessary. You'll also be able to make sure none of your money is wasted.


Divorce can sometimes bring about a lot of family changes, so you need a financial planner to change your plan. Your family financial planner can help you do such things as preserve your credit, ensure that your retirement accounts stay sound, and that you can save money for your future. Just because you may be divorced doesn't mean that you can't still do everything you need for yourself and your family.

You may still want to save toward the future of your children while you are saving for yourself. And you have to take into account that you may remarry someday, so that is something that you need to consider. With a family financial planner working with you, you can ensure that any changes in your life are taken care of. A financial planner becomes quite the valuable asset.

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