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A fee based financial planner is someone who doesn't provide services that rely on a commission. In other words, they have no stake in the services that they provide, which means they don't do what is most profitable for them. They do what is more profitable for their customer.

Because the certified financial planner is fee based, there is no conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is what occurs when an advisor has something to gain from the services that they provide. For instance, those advisors who are into investment planning, which includes the buying and selling of investments, may make a commission. This means that they are making investments that may get them the highest commissions possible.

With a fee based financial planner, they don't heavily push investments as a part of your financial planning. Because they're fee based, the performance of any investments is not going to have an impact on what they earn. So when managing your IRA is not going to bring about any commission.

Advantages of Fee Based Advisors

A fee based financial planner offers a great deal of guidance. That is why they are considered good retirement planners. They offer guidance when you are trying to save money toward retirement. This is one of the most common reasons as to why many seek out a planner. They want to make sure they are in great shape for retirement and that they are not going to have to make extreme sacrifices in order to make ends meet.

You can also work with your fee based financial planner on an as needed basis. If you have questions about how to manage something in your financial plan, your fee based planner can help you. They look at the big picture, which allows them to provide you with valuable information regarding your situation. When they help you with this, that is when they charge their fees. That is how they get paid.

The fee based financial planner is also obligated by law to put the interests of their clients first. In this case, they are referred to as "fiduciaries" and that is the type of planner you want to work with. You want your interests to be put first. You don't want to pay someone for them to put their interests ahead of you. Although a financial planner has to make money to stay afloat, it shouldn't be done at your expense.

The Cost

You can learn of what the fees are before you use the services so that you know whether or not a fee based financial planner is what you want to opt for. However, there are some things to take into consideration about fee based advisors and their fees. The first being the amount of money you are going to save in the long-term by having someone from the outside look in on your situation financially.

For instance, do you think that you can handle the financial surprises that parenthood brings about? What about a college fund? Do you have the money to put money away in a college fund for your child's education? If you don't think that you do, you may be surprised. The fee based planner is going to look at your income and expenses and tell you many ways in which you can live cheaper, pay off bills, and save for your child's education.

If you want to begin buying a home, your fee based financial planner is going to look at your expenses and your income and be able to tell you the best route to go. They may also be able to offer you some information on how you can enhance your 401k or your Roth IRA. Considering that either one of these are offered by employers, it can be reviewed what you're contributing and what you can so that you can enhance your retirement.

All-in-all, when you look at the big picture, an advisor who charges just fees is a good way to go. A fee based financial planner is going to help you make a plan that will ensure that you make the most out of your income. This is something that many have difficulty doing on their own or may find that it is impossible, which is where the saved money is achieved.

So when you want to make the most of your financial future with the money that you are currently making, a fee based financial planner will work for you. You can expect great results by creating a plan together that you can stick to so that you can have the future that you want. You shouldn't have to worry about having the money for important things such as buying a house or your child's education. With a little help, you don't have to worry.

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