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Fee only Certified Financial Planner is someone you may want to employ for the purposes of paying for children and their college education and for planning for retirement by funding 401k and Roth IRA funds. The specification indicates how the professional certified planner who helps you balance your monetary needs and goals is paid.

You pay them a fee for their time. This is instead of the certified financial planner being paid for selling investment vehicles and securities, which is a commissioned salesperson. When a professional agrees to be a fee-only certified financial planner they promise to work toward their clients' best interests only. You will hear duty of fiduciary responsibility or similar wording. It means that the fee only certified financial planner actually has a professional obligation to serve you in exchange for you paying them.

Meeting Financial Goals

You have unique financial goals and would like to see results for all of your hard work. Whether you have yet to learn how to save, or are a stringent saver, you can probably find wisdom in a professional who has no emotional ties to your outcome. You may have an emotional tie to the company that your father worked for for 40 years. And, even when the stock tanks, and every stock analyst says to sell, you want to hold onto your father by way of your stock holdings.

A fee only certified financial planner might be able to help you define your own goals and results that you would like to see come to fruition. It may involve actually selling your long-held beloved father's stock. Then again, it may involve buying more insurance to make sure that you are properly covering the assets for which you have worked so hard. No matter what your goal, it can be helpful to hire a professional to ensure that you are not robbing Peter to pay Paul, or the like.

It can help you to maintain perspective, balance and even to steer out of a rocky financial situation. People's finances and their investments run the gamut from newly rich to newly on the brink. No matter the case, there is much wisdom, professional experience and knowledge to be gained when seeing a fee only certified financial planner including divorce financial guidance and services.

Planners and Fee Only Services

A great example of a life transition in which a fee only certified financial planner can help is when you start out on your own. This is a good time to consider learning about all the insurance you will need to buy, and how much to invest in stocks and other securities, and how to pay off education debt and how to save for a house. More likely than not some of the traditional advice from television finance gurus may not be entirely what you need.

For instance, you may think that you need to put all you can into retirement-savings accounts. Yet, if you were to do that, you might severely disable your ability to maintain a good balance and sufficient cash reserves to help out in case your first job leads to a lay off, for instance. Or, you may need the cash to pay for fixing that car you bought to get to work.

So, there are various scenarios that call for the help of a fee only certified financial planner. Now, in addition to ensuring a fiduciary responsibility to your best interest, they are also certified by the professional organization, which requires that they carry themselves with integrity. They cannot, for instance, try to offer you deals or products that they promise will make you a billionaire, in return for your savings. It is important to know that there are some shady, unscrupulous people out there who will try and take advantage of your trusting nature.

It is important to ensure that you hire a fee only financial planner who actually has credentials. Check out governing bodies of your state and the credentialing body that granted your fee only certified financial planner credentials. They will let you know, for the most part, if there are any legitimate complaints against your fee only certified financial planner.

It is also a good idea to see if your fee only planners have any references, or otherwise happy clients who may have similar circumstances as yourself. If you are learning to deal with money after a divorce, then you may want to find a professional who has dealt with other people who have just experienced divorce.

Your fee only certified financial planner will charge you a fee only for the work they do. Keep a certified planner in your court to navigate the complexities of keeping your assets safe and growing, and maintaining balance about your situation. The fee only planner is ideal and certified.

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