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A free financial planner is someone who provides free advice or they provide you with free tools that can help you in the financial planning process instead of charging a financial planner fee. It is important that you receive all of the help that you can so that you can plan for such events as retirement. You also want to be able to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected in the future. There will always be unexpected expenses that come about and you want to be prepared for them.

Preparation can involve having something such as an IRA for when you retire. You also want a savings account that has money in it that you could live on if something were to occur that would result in you losing your job. You always want to be prepared for the inevitable rainy day. There will be a day when your children need money at the last minute or the car breaks down. You can never be too prepared.

Preparing for the Unexpected

There will be unexpected things that occur and a free financial planner can help you deal with these things. Keep in mind, however, that there may be a line drawn between free and fee. Then again, a free consultation to see if you're working with the right planner may also be in order. The decision shouldn't be a hard one because it can be seen that you need planning assistance.

All it takes is an assessment of your finances by your free financial planner for you to see that it is obvious there is not any room for a potential disaster to occur and for you to have the money to cover it. It is the unexpected event that tends to take a family who is living from paycheck to paycheck and then throw them for a financial loop. They have to then prioritize in the worst way, which involves taking away from one bill to pay another and so on. But this can be avoided with a good planner.

As for those things that are expected, there are many and you can never predict when an event is going to occur. If you have retirement accounts, you definitely don't want to dip into those accounts in case something does happen that results in you needing money fast. The plan with your free financial planner is a good start toward making sure you set aside enough money from your paychecks to make sure you have the money. The plan that is set by your financial planner is one that you do not want to deviate from in any way so that you can ensure that everything works.

You will find that you can have a good relationship with your free financial planner. You will find that you do end up paying some kind of fee for services, but what you will find is that it is well worth the investment when you notice money going into retirement and savings accounts to make sure you have a secure future. It is good planning that sets you free financially.

Preparing for the Expected

There are a number of expected events that your free financial planner can foresee. If you do not have children, but you plan to someday, then parenthood can be considered an intended event. However, it may occur at a time you do not intend, but you can be prepared for that. Events don't always occur when we want them to, which is why you want to be prepared for those that are a possibility.

Buying a home is also something you need to tell your free financial planner about. If you do not yet own a home and you want to buy one, this is going to have to be considered. And then there is the college education of your child or children. Yes, they may be able to receive student loans, but they can be quite expensive. A free financial planner can help you to relieve the burden.

You also need to make sure you prepare for the day that you retire. So what you need are good retirement planners as well. Your financial planner can and will act in this way so that you can have enough income for the day that you retire. This means that you need to manage your Roth IRA and make sure you have enough money coming out of your paycheck toward your 401K. That way you can have multiple accounts to work with. Then there is the fact that your employer matches your contributions up to a certain percentage.

Your free financial planner takes all of these things seriously and puts them into perspective for you. You may also want to look into investment planning and have your financial planner help. There are many free tools offered by your financial planner.

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