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Independent financial planners are individuals that work on their own. They are not a part of a national firm or another large office. They work on their own to service their clients, so they have their own reputations to preserve rather than the reputation of a larger network of firms.

Independent planners have a lot more to lose, so they work very hard to satisfy their clients in their roles from retirement planner to divorce financial planner. They have just as much experience as the larger companies and they have customer bases that are comparable to one location that belongs to the "big guys." They also offer the services that the big guys offer.

Services Offered

The services that are offered by independent financial planners are many. You can have quality financial planning that will help you plan for your future. You can also better your current money situation. This is because the independent planner will take your current financial situation and will evaluate it in order to create a customized plan for you.

They will look at the income you have coming into your home and then compare it to what is going out. For many individuals, independent financial planners find that there is more money going out than coming in because people tend to rely on credit to pay the bills. Planners can help reverse this trend so that money can be saved toward future goals.

What independent financial planners do is they identify where expenses can be cut so that too much money is not going out. They then identify what expenses can be paid off to free up some money. This freed up money can then be placed into various accounts that will help make the future better. For instance, independent planners may suggest placing money in a savings account that gains interest.

If you invest in retirement accounts through your employer, you can have your independent planner look at this as well. The reason why independent financial planners will evaluate these accounts, despite the fact that they are employer-based is to see whether or not you can invest more into them than what you are. When you have freed up some of your income, it is possible to increase the contributions, especially since such accounts as the IRA have contributions that are matched by the employer up to a certain amount. You want to take full advantage of this.

And if you're changing jobs, you're going to need independent financial planners helping you in the Roth IRA rollover process so that you can continue contributing to the same account. You want to make sure that the account rolls to your new employer so that you don't miss a single contribution. Because some employers have wait times for enrolling in retirement accounts, you can avoid those wait times when you rollover.

As for your 401k, independent financial planners are limited in what they can do with these accounts since the employer has full control, but they can advise you on your contributions so that you get the most of it. What you are getting here is quality retirement planners helping you invest in your retirement so that you don't have to worry about it later.

And if you are amongst the many individuals embarking upon parenthood day-by-day, you want to see about saving for your child's college education. College is very expensive. So is doing something such as buying a home for you and your family. You want to make sure you have all of this covered so that you and your family can have a healthy future. Independent financial planners can integrate these factors into your plan.

Getting Started in Investing

If you're interested in investment planning, then you can tell your planner. They can help you find the investments that will work for you based on the type of risk you are willing to take. Although some of your retirement accounts such as your 401k are investment accounts, you are engaged in investing that is generally of a low risk with slow financial gain. Perhaps you want to look into other types of investments.

If you do want to look into other investments, your independent planners will evaluate your financial situation, as well as the risks you are willing to take. They can then suggest the move you make and even oversee it for you. For beginners, having the transactions handled for them can make a difference in losing or gaining.

So know that independent financial planners are just as reliable, if not more reliable, than the others. You want personalized service when you are trying to straight out your financial situation. Your independent planners can make sure you receive the personalized touch. It is that touch that will make you a financial success without even having to increase your income a single penny.

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