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Iowa City financial planners provide valuable financial services to clients in many different situations. When you think of financial planning services most of us immediately think of retirement planning. While planning for retirement is a vital part of making the future we want, it is also just one piece of what Iowa City financial planners in IA can offer clients.

As we move through our lives in Iowa City we are often confronted with challenges that seem insurmountable. We need to remember that we can conquer these challenges and come out stronger after the fact. When you consult with an Iowa City financial planner you can recover more quickly from financial hardships. Whether you are thinking of getting married and starting a family, or your family is changing due to divorce or death, an Iowa City finance planner can guide you to the best footing financially.

Divorce and Money

Divorce is something we all strive to avoid. While divorce rates are hard to pin down it appears that somewhere between 35-50% of IA marriages will end in a divorce. Divorce is often devastating on a family's finances. It doesn't have to be, but many divorcing couples are too angry to focus on long term consequences to their money. When couples go through the legal process in IA they may see their retirement accounts cashed out and split, or one spouse may lose their rights to an entire retirement account. That does not mean that your Iowa retirement dreams are over. You can recover and live the Iowa City retirement you want.

It may seem daunting with all you are facing as a separated couple, but bringing Iowa City financial planners on board, in addition to your Iowa attorney, is the best way to guard against the damaging money pitfalls that accompany divorce. If you are losing your IRA or cashing out a 401k to satisfy a divorce judgment you can consult with your Iowa City money planners and figure out the best way forward.

The biggest advantage a newly divorced person can have is an Iowa City financial planner on their team. Even if you have been divorced for years, the time is now to start picking up the financial pieces. Just because you are a single parent now does not mean you have to stop funding your kids college savings accounts. Even if you are forced to divide out a retirement account that does not necessarily mean you have to take tax prohibitive withdrawals. You may be able to roll over that money into an IRA account. Your Iowa City financial planner is experienced in using all the tools available to keep your retirement funds working for you.

Losing your spouse to premature death also presents many difficult challenges. It is difficult to focus on finances but it is important to your future. If there are life insurance accounts, an Iowa City financial planner can help you steer those resources to ensure you are financially sound for the future. They can help you make decisions at a difficult time. Losing an income in your home under any circumstance can be a very hard adjustment. When you have the guidance of Iowa finance planners you can be sure you are making the best choices for your short and long term needs. Junior finance planners are present and future planners.

Financial Planning for Unemployment

The time to be prepared for unemployment is before you lose your job. An Iowa City financial planner can help you plan for emergencies. When you pay yourself every month and have an emergency fund fully funded, you can survive these unforeseen financial hits. Tightening your belt during hard times is easier said than done. When you have Iowa City finance planners working with you you can get very inventive on cutting costs. They are experts in finding ways to cut costs and improve investment income. Iowa City money planners are adept in finding ways to avoid taking costly withdrawals from your retirement accounts, or if you have to take a withdrawal, they can help you find ways to cut your tax liabilities.

Iowa City financial planners are your best weapon in a world filled with surprises. We can plan for most things but there are always events that we can't foresee. You can sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage but most of us don't. We don't want to accept the thought that our loving relationship could end. We don't want to plan for losing our spouse to divorce or death. These are hard to face but your finance planner can help you prepare for anything and can help you regain your footing financially in any situation. Reach out for the help you need with your finances and get your future back on track.

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