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Jackson financial planners contribute a wealth of expertise to your personal Tennessee finance planning strategies. If you've been dissatisfied with the financial progress you're making, a Jackson financial planner can evaluate your approach to saving and investing to determine how you might reach your targets more quickly. Families throughout Tennessee rely on Jackson financial planners to help them achieve the most important milestones of life, like buying a first home, starting a small business or building an income for retirement in TN.

The city of Jackson has a long history, predating the Civil War. Jackson got its start as a railroad junction and has played important roles in the railroad industry throughout its development. Today, Jackson has expanded its economic interests, and residents have access to a range of professional opportunities. Jackson financial planners help individuals and families in this hard working community prepare for a more secure, comfortable future.

College Savings Plans

Jackson is home to several institutions of higher education, including Union University, Tennessee Technology College at Jackson and Lane College. Many families dream of sending their children to college, but with the cost of tuition rising, this goal may not seem accessible. Talk with a Jackson financial planner about college savings plans that could help your children fulfill their academic dreams. Certified planners have an extensive knowledge of the most popular college savings plans available to families in TN.

Education Savings Plans, or ESPs, also known as 529 plans, are tax deferred accounts that allow families to save for the costs of tuition in the future. These funds have become extremely popular because of the tax advantages they provide, and because they account for the effects of inflation on tuition costs. ESPs are sponsored by state governments in TN and throughout the country. If you open an ESP, your children aren't restricted to their home state. Students may enroll in a state college or university in the state of their choice.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, also known as Coverdell ESAs, offer another savings alternative. When you work with a Jackson financial planner, he or she can help you compare the benefits of the Coverdell ESA and the ESP. Coverdell accounts have a lower annual contribution limit and impose more restrictions on investors. For instance, contributions may only be made on your child's behalf until he or she reaches the age of 18.

If your child elects not to go to college, the funds in a Coverdell account will be disbursed to the child after he or she reaches the age of 18, which removes a certain amount of control to the parent. With a 529 plan, by comparison, the parent may still access the funds, even if the child decides not to go to college. The primary advantage of a Coverdell fund, for many parents, is that the money can be used to pay for secondary education at private schools, while funds in a 529 plan are reserved for education at state institutions of higher education.

Emergency Financial Planning

Financial planners know that their clients usually don't like to spend a lot of time dwelling on worst case scenarios. That's why several experienced planners help families implement practical strategies for handling the effects natural disasters, job loss, disability, divorce or crime. With the right combination of financial resources and insurance coverage, you can prepare for the floods, tornadoes and other disasters that have left families financially devastated in Jackson.

A Jackson financial planner can analyze your current savings accounts and other financial resources to determine whether you have an adequate short term savings strategy in place. Certified financial planners can assist you in building a diverse set of savings funds that can help you cope with the smaller household emergencies, like unexpected automotive repairs or prescriptions that aren't covered by your insurance policy. Certified planners can also help you arrange for life, health and disability insurance if you don't have these valuable policies.

Many homeowners aren't aware that their homeowner's insurance may not cover flooding. While most homeowner's insurance policies exclude this disaster, flood insurance is available through some insurance providers or through local agencies. Knowledgeable planners can advise you on how to cover your house and your valuable possessions against severe water damage. When it comes to preparing for weather emergencies, the death of a spouse, a divorce or a job loss, a Jackson financial planner can be one of your greatest allies.

Finding Jackson financial planners has become easier than ever. With access to the internet at home, you can compare information from several professionals in a confidential, secure environment. Because each advisor may have a different educational or professional background, it's worth your time to consult several professionals to find the consultant whose background matches your objectives.

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