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Kent financial planners offer helpful services in personal budgeting that are essential to people living in the state of Washington. Everyone in Kent, WA, wants to live a comfortable and secure life, free from the burdens and hardships that poor financial planning might lead to. That is why you need to find a skilled and qualified Kent financial planner to help you and your loved ones prepare for your long term financial security.

Professional money experts can help you reach your goals in a number of ways, depending on your lifestyle and cost of living. The guidance of these specialists can be crucial, whether you are embarking on the next big stage in life, or simply planning for a major new investment. Specialists in finance can offer crucial planning when you are purchasing a new home, starting a family, sending your children off to college or preparing for your own retirement. Whatever your plans might be, there are Kent financial planners that will happily provide you with professional guidance in your monetary affairs.

Financial planners in Kent, WA, are held to the highest professional standards. In order to be certified as a financial planner in the state of Washington, a student must go through years of training in all the areas related to finance. To best accommodate the diverse needs of a growing population, financial planners often specialize in specific money-related areas. For that reason and more, it is essential that you select a Kent financial planner with credentials that you feel will best meet your own specific needs.

Service Payment Options in Kent

One of the main differences between Washington finance planners is the way in which they collect payment. There are two main payment methods in Kent, WA, and each one comes with a different set of benefits. Knowing about these payment plans is crucial to selecting the right planner for your finances. The key difference between the two plans is that one will take a portion of your savings over the long run, while the other will require your payment up front.

Some Kent financial planners will work for payment by commission. Under this option, a percentage of the money earned for a customer will be kept by the planner. For example, when an IRA or 401k is arranged for a customer, a commission on the interests accrued from those arrangements will go to the planner. The benefit to this payment method is that the planners will only make money if they truly get things operating. The drawback here is that they might be more motivated by commissions than by the interests of the customer.

Other finance planners have opted to charge an upfront fee for their service. Under this deal, you pay them a flat rate whether or not they save you any money. These planners will have the incentive to work for you without any of the self motivations that sometimes plays into the commission plan. With all things considered, it is crucial to decide upon your most comfortable payment option when hiring a Kent financial planner.

Customizing Your Service in Kent

You will want to select a Kent financial planner that has experience in the specific areas of life that concern you the most. Some people are looking to send their kids off to the best schools while others are more interested in setting up a Roth IRA. For students and parents, there are budgeting and loan payback concerns that need to be properly advised. For people leaving the corporate world to pursue self employment, the setup of a solo retirement plan is an important thing to consider. But whatever stage of the game that you happen to be in, you will be able to make a sound choice in a finance planning website once you have determined your own financial priorities.

In order to be assured in the professionalism of the Kent financial planner that you select, you should check whether they have signed a fiduciary oath. This oath ensures the highest standard of honesty and care from professionals who work in monetary affairs in the state of Washington. When a planner has signed this oath, it most certainly means that your investments in their services will be honored.

Essential Research for Lifelong Assurance

Kent financial planners are in the business of handling very sensitive information concerning you and your loved ones. For these reasons and more, you need to find a planner who matches your very own needs and interests. These needs can be met by finding a planner with a track record of experience in servicing people just like you. It only takes a small amount of time to gain the knowledge for properly selecting a finance planner in Kent; one who can turn your monetary goals into a future reality.

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Dimas Lizardo
Dimas Lizardo
2505 S. 320th Street, Suite 220
Federal Way, WA 98003

13231 SE 36th St
Suite 215
Bellevue, WA 98006

Jim Falcone
Jim Falcone
10940 NE 33rd Place
Suite #210
Bellevue, WA 98004

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11911 NE 1st Street, Suite 103A Bellevue , WA 98005
3715 S Hudson Street, Suite 104 Seattle, WA 98118
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500 108th Avenue NE
Suite 1840
Bellevue, WA 98004

Dimas Lizardo
Dimas Lizardo
800 5th Avenue
Suite 4100
Seattle, WA 98104

John Angelo Flavin, ChFC, CFP, CLU, CCIM, AIF
John Angelo Flavin, ChFC, CFP, CLU, CCIM, AIF
1815 N 45th St
Suite 105
Seattle, WA 98103

Cathie Arthurs
Cathie Arthurs
20700 44th Ave. W
Suite 240
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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