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Lacey financial planners offer a wide range of services to average Washington residents who need advice, guidance or simple reassurance that they are on the right track toward a secure retirement and reaching their long-term goals. Contrary to the misconception that only the very wealthy or people with complex assets need Washington personal finance planners, any resident who wants to better their financial situation for themselves and their family can take advantage of a Lacey personal finance advisor's services. A certified financial planner in WA can help Lacey residents create a budget, manage debt, plan for retirement and even select smart investments. No matter what your income, age or current savings may be, working with a Lacey financial planner can give you the resources you need to retire comfortably.

Choosing a Financial Advisor

Finding the right personal finance advisor in Lacey can take some research, but it helps to have a few key qualities in mind. Firstly, anyone in Lacey can call himself or herself a financial planner without education, experience or accreditation. That's why it is important to seek Certified Financial Planners, or CFPs. Certified planners must achieve a minimum level of education and pass an exam to prove their expertise and industry knowledge. These planners also abide by a Code of Ethics, pledging to put your interests first. Finally, CFPs must have three years of experience in the personal finance planning field and complete continuing education requirements to maintain their certification.

Another important factor to consider when researching Lacey financial planners is the fee structure. If you are just starting to consider personal finance advising and have a relatively simple portfolio, you probably want to find a Lacey financial planner with a fee-based payment structure. Fee-based advisors are paid hourly or by specific project, so they receive no commission from selling you products or other commercial services. If you have a complex portfolio and many assets, you may need to consider other structures. Generally, a percentage of your assets is considered favorable to a commission-based structure where other products can influence your financial planners recommendations.

Starting Your Personal Finance Plan

How you start your personalized finance plan will depend on many factors, including your debt commitments, your age and your dream retirement scenario. Eliminating debt is one of the best steps you can take toward personal freedom when it comes to your finances. If you have a car payment, student loans or high-interest credit card debt, you are putting resources that could otherwise go toward retirement toward unnecessary interest. A Lacey financial planner can show you how to adjust your budget so you can quickly eliminate these debts and focus on your savings.

Many Washington personal finance advisors recommend saving the equivalent of three months' wages for emergencies or unexpected hardships. Once you have a personal safety net, your advsor will likely recommend opening a basic retirement account if you haven't already. A 401k is a great place to start if your Washington employer offers this benefit. Some employers even match your contributions, although this is not always the case. You can legally contribute up to $17,000 a year to your 401k account. Contributions grow tax-free until you reach retirement. You can begin making withdrawals penalty-free at age 59 and a half.

Another good place to start your retirement savings is with an Individual Retirement Account, or IRA. Any WA resident can open an IRA. You can contribute up to $5,000 a year with the same tax advantages as a 401k. For some people, it makes more sense to have your contributions taxed as you make them. A Roth IRA offers these advantages, although you must meet income requirements. Your Lacey financial planner can advise you on whether a Roth IRA is right for you. All of these accounts allow you to contribute extra funds once you reach the age of 50.

Developing an Investment Plan

Investment planning is one of the most important services that Lacey financial planners offer. Certified financial planners have the expertise and time to research opportunities that will yield steady returns on your investments. Be wary of any personal finance advisor in Lacey who offers to beat the market or earn high-yield returns without risk. A good WA investor will help you create a diverse portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities to mitigate risk and ensure steady returns.

Lacey financial planners can offer professional recommendations regarding your investments and personalized advice for reaching your long-term goals. Working with a Lacey financial planner can give you the peace of mind that you are making smart decisions regarding your budget, retirement and investment planning. Whether you seek a large firm with a team of planners or an independent, fee-based Lacey advisor, working with a professional can make a significant difference in your personal finance planning.

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