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Laguna Niguel financial planners can become working partners in their clients' efforts to improve their financial health. Whether you earn a modest living in Laguna Niguel or you have a lucrative career, a Laguna Niguel financial planner can help you make more of your hard earned income. Certified California financial planners can address any aspect of personal financial planning, giving you the guidance you need to maximize your investments, prepare for your children's education or get ready for a prosperous retirement.

When you consult with your Laguna Niguel financial planner for the first time, you may be asked to bring documents like tax returns, bills and statements from your savings or investment accounts. With your advisor's help, you'll review your current assets and liabilities to determine your net worth. Once you've analyzed your financial situation, a Laguna Niguel consultant will help you develop practical, realistic strategies for achieving your goals.

Laguna Niguel Investment Specialists

Located in Orange County in Southern California, Laguna Niguel got its start as a planned community near the beach. Today, the city's primary employers include retail outlets, public education and local government. Many working professionals in Laguna Niguel have a 401k or 403b through their employer, or an IRA or Roth IRA of their own. If you're searching for ways to build an even more diverse portfolio, consult a Laguna Niguel financial planner who specializes in investment funds.

Certified Laguna Niguel financial planners must be licensed to sell stocks, mutual funds or other securities. Look for planners who have a solid reputation in Laguna Niguel and a proven track record of helping their CA clients reach their financial goals. Planners who emphasize investment strategies can give you valuable advice in how to make your money grow over the years, but you must have verification of an investment advisor's licensing status and experience before you put your trust in his or her counseling.

Investment doesn't necessarily have to be a risky undertaking. If you're a young parent or an older adult who's getting ready to retire, you may not be in the right financial circumstances to invest in volatile funds. On the other hand, if you're a single professional who wants to maximize his or her earnings, or you're a parent who hopes to earn a significant profit for the family, riskier investments may be appropriate for your needs, and your personal finance professional can help you determine those needs.

When you're interviewing investment planners, ask these professionals how they charge for their services. Some planners charge by the hour, while others charge a flat fee, plus a special rate for specific projects. Other investment consultants work partly on commission, making a profit from the sale of certain funds. If a Laguna Niguel financial planner works solely on commission, he or she may be more concerned about selling you an investment product than in pursuing strategies that will serve your best interests.

California Education Savings Plans

Raising a family in Southern CA can be expensive, but with the help of Laguna Niguel financial planners, you can help your children have the best life possible. Finding ways to save money for your own retirement and your children's college education can be challenging. With the costs of tuition and academic fees always rising, you may wonder whether you'll have enough funds set aside to meet the future costs of education.

Education Savings Plans, also known as ESPs or 529 college savings plans, allow you to set aside money for the cost of tuition in the future. Sponsored by state governments, 529 plans are tax deferred accounts that continue to grow in value until your children are ready to enroll in a state college or university. ESPs aren't restricted to your state of residence. If your child decides to attend a state school in another area of the country, your ESP funds can be applied in that state, as well.

You don't have to be a child to benefit from a 529 college savings plan. Adults who wish to further their education with a second degree or advanced degree can invest in an ESP to advance their own goals. 529 plans offer varying levels of investment risk for their account holders. In general, the more volatile funds have a higher earning potential, but you risk the possibility of losing a percentage of your earnings. Ask your Laguna Niguel financial planner about how you can invest wisely in a 529 plan for yourself or your children.

Professional planners understand that planning your personal finances is a process that lasts a lifetime. Talk with several Laguna Niguel financial planners before you make a final decision about the professional whose experience, training and fee structure match your needs. The relationship you build with a qualified, competent planner can last well into your retirement years.

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