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Layton financial planners can be hired to help you plan for all that life throws at you financially. From planning for education costs to retiring, life throws a bunch of events that require money at you. Many of the life events that you visit a Utah financial planner for can be planned well in advance. Getting married in UT can be one of them.

Planning for Marriage in UT

Weddings are expensive. From the the ring to clothing, invitations to the reception and the honeymoon, the average couple in Utah shells out a lot of dough to get married. While it is one of the happiest times in a couples lives, it can also be very expensive. Visiting a Layton financial planners to prepare for the financial strain of a wedding is a smart first step.

If you have been visiting Layton financial planners before you planned on getting married, they can help you prepare and save for the myriad expenses that go along with the wedding. Jewelers used to say that an engagement ring should be two months salary. These days, anything goes. Setting aside the money to buy a diamond rings, amongst your other monthly expenses can be scary. Your Layton financial planner is there to help you develop a savings plan to get the ring and more.

Once you've proposed, there will be a wedding to plan and pay for. More and more couples are the footing the bill for their own nuptials without help from their parents. If you haven't been saving, you may be unsure of how to pay for your Utah wedding. If you are unsure as to where you are going to get the money for your wedding, speaking to a Layton financial planner may ease your mind as to where the money will come from.

As with all of life's major expenses, budgeting is key to planning and paying for a Utah wedding. Set a limit for yourself as to the amount that you will spend on clothing, food and entertainment. The hardest part will be sticking with your self imposed budget. Run these numbers by your Layton financial planner to make sure they are realistic.

One aspect of marriage that many engaged couples may overlook is the merging of their financial accounts. It is important to visit your Layton financial planner as a couple to reconcile how you will merge your money, your attitudes toward money and spending and how you prepare for your future in Layton together. Your Layton financial planner may be the best marriage counselor you ever had.

While not a fun topic to broach, if you earn significantly more than your future spouse, your personal financial planners in Layton may advise you to protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement in case of a divorce. While this is completely up to you, it may be best to protect yourself. Your planners should be able to draft this agreement or point you to someone who can.

After the Wedding in UT

Usually when a couple gets married, they have their sites set on something bigger than the wedding. Buying a home, starting a family and growing old into a comfortable retirement together are all common goals of a married couple. After paying the caterers and DJ, you may be wondering how this will be possible at all.

Planning for the purchase of your first home together can be scary, especially after the expense of your wedding. Employing financial planners in Layton to look over your budgets, savings and plan for buying you first home can alleviate some of the doubt. They can also help you to determine what you can realistically spend on your first home in Layton.

Financial planners in Layton can also help you to prepare for starting your future family. While many newlyweds are not thinking about college funds and 529s, its never too early to start setting money aside for that. Education is not going to get less expensive and the sooner you begin thinking about that, the better. You'll be glad that you formulated a plan with your financial planners in Layton earlier than not.

For many newlyweds, retirement seems like a long way off but like education, the sooner you think about it the better. From IRAs to 401k's, there are a lot of factors to consider. Investing wisely is another headache. Speak to your planners for advice on how to proceed to save the most you can for a happy and comfortable retirement with your new spouse.

Getting married and starting a life with the one you love is an exciting time. Figuring out how to pay for it all can be scary. Visit your Layton financial planners to develop a plan to pay for your wedding without bankrupting your future happiness.

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