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Lehi financial planners are tremendous resources for young couples looking to build their future and plan for retirement. Even if you are getting a late start to your retirement savings, a Lehi financial planner can help you regain your financial footing to pay off your debt, save for your kids' college education and put funds aside for your retirement. Researching Lehi financial planners online can give you a range of fee-based planners in your Utah area, allowing you to find the perfect advisor for you at a rate that makes sense for your budget.

Financial Planning for Your Family

Planning a budget for a family can be difficult. Fortunately, a Lehi financial planner can help. A Utah personal finance advisor can work with you to develop a savings plan that covers all your immediate obligations while helping you find ways to put aside money for the future. From 529 plans for college to 401k accounts for your retirement, a Lehi financial planner can show you many options for raising a family on a budget. You don't need to have complex assets or a large portfolio of securities to use a personal finance planner. Many Lehi planners work on a fee-based hourly rate for Lehi residents of all backgrounds. Researching planners online is a fast and easy way to research certified financial planners in your area.

One common area that Lehi financial planners can assist UT families with is debt management. Even if you live comfortably from paycheck to paycheck, failing to save for emergencies can put you needless debt, often with high interest rates. If you find that you need to use a credit card for UT taxes, medical emergencies or needed home improvements, you can probably benefit from working with a UT personal finance planner. Many advisors recommend saving the equivalent of three months' salary for emergencies, so if you are unable to work or face an unexpected expense, you don't have to reach for you credit card, or worse, take out a high-interest payday loan.

Another important aspect of your family's finances that an advisor can assist you with is your children's college savings. Although tuition for state and private tuition seems to rise every year, saving for college isn't impossible. A 529 plan is one option that you can take advantage of as soon as your children are born. A 529 account is a tax-advantaged plan that allows you to save for tuition, books, supplies and other education related expenses. Your money grows tax-free until your children are ready to use it, and in many cases, you will not have to pay federal taxes. A 529 plan is especially beneficial for big families, since unused funds can be transferred to siblings, cousins and even in-laws. Your advisor can explain all the advantages of a 529 to you and help you set up plans for each of your children.

Finding the Right Planner

There are many excellent personal finance advisors in the Lehi area, each with different areas of expertise. Finding the right Lehi financial planner can be overwhelming, but researching individual financial planners online can help you learn more about your choices. One of the most important qualities to look for is certification. The "CFP" after an advisor's name indicates that he or she has achieved certain base requirements and has taken continuing education courses to maintain accreditation. Certification also means that an advisor is registered with the state of Utah, so you can research the planner within the state's database. This search can alert you to any complaints an advisor might have received in the past.

Another important quality to seek in a Lehi financial planner is a personal connection. Your relationship with your financial advisor can become a lifelong friendship, and the success of your partnership will depend on how well you can communicate your long-term goals and retirement plans. If your advisor knows, for example, that you have a dream of buying a Lehi home for your family and that you would also like to buy a vacation home in another part of Utah, she can offer advise that is in line with that goal. Since your goals are unique, the advice you receive from your Lehi financial advisor should be as well.

Between your job, social obligations, family schedules and kids' activities, finding time to plan your finances can feel nearly impossible. Lehi financial planners can be a great ally in help you organize your finances and plan for every aspect of your financial future. From saving for your children's college education to planning your own retirement, personal finance planners can give you the tools you need to make your dream become a reality. Researching Lehi advisors online is a simple way to investigate all your options in one place to find the perfect planner for your family.

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