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Mansfield financial planners can assist TX residents with many areas of personal finance, including retirement, investment planning, risk management and even estate planning. As your assets grow and become more complex, hiring a Texas personal finance advisor can ensure that you have professional recommendations when it comes to making decisions that affect your personal savings and long-term goals. Researching Mansfield financial planners online can give you a wealth of information regarding reputable planners in your area, as well as their areas of expertise. You can often find references and reviews from other Texas residents who have worked with a particular advisor to determine their track record and reputation. Finding the right Mansfield financial planner can give you a life-long ally in creating your long-term personal finance strategy.

Retirement Planning

One of the most important services that Mansfield financial planners can offer is retirement planning. While other long-term goals may differ from one TX resident to another, everyone will eventually face retirement. How much you enjoy your golden years depends on how well you have budgeted for life after employment. A Texas financial advisor can help you determine what amount you need to earn to achieve your desired standard of living and where you should invest your money to mitigate risk. The first accounts your Mansfield financial planner will likely suggest are an IRA or 401k plan. You can even enroll in both accounts at the same time, although not all TX companies offer 401k.

Your Mansfield financial planner can explain the tax benefits of these accounts and work with you to determine how much you can contribute each month. You can contribute a maximum of $16,500 a year to your 401k if your company offers this plan, and a maximum of $5,000 to your IRA. If you are over the age of 50, you can contribute additional "catch up" funds to help pad your nest egg. These maximum annual amounts can rise with inflation. Ask your Mansfield financial planner about how you can take advantage of "catch up" funds if you are over the age of 50. Top rated personal finance planners can also answer questions about your projected income and budget during retirement, as well as how investments like your Mansfield home can factor into your retirement planning as well.

Investment Planning

Another important service that Mansfield personal finance planners offer is investment planning. If you are in the fortunate position to have extra funds in your savings account after contributing to your emergency fund and your retirement account, you can likely benefit from the advice of a certified financial planner. Most people have heard of basic financial instruments like preferred and common stock, mutual funds, treasury bills and annuities, but knowing which ones are right for you can be difficult. Mansfield personal finance planners can assess your income, age and long-term goals to develop an investment strategy that works for you.

Generally speaking, the younger you are, the more risk you can accept in the form of stocks, mutual funds and other more aggressive investments. You can also afford to put your funds in less liquid assets, like your home. As you near retirement age, your advisor will likely advise that you shift your investments to more liquid and less risky accounts, like bonds or even simple savings accounts, depending on your age. Your advisor's outlook on risk overall can also affect your investment strategy. Finding a Mansfield advisor who matches your risk style, whether it's aggressive or reserved, can ensure the best long-term relationship.

Estate Planning

A final, sometimes neglected service that Mansfield personal finance advisors can offer is estate planning. This service is particularly important if you have a family. Estate planning eliminates uncertainty over your wishes after your death regarding your finances and minimizes the estate taxes your family must pay. Mansfield advisors offering estate planning services can also appoint a financial power of attorney and help you create a living will. No one likes to think of their life's end, but estate planning services are an important part of financially protecting your family and often require professional assistance.

Mansfield financial planners are an excellent resource for Texas families who want expert advice on the many decisions they face regarding their personal finances. Whether you need guidance with your retirement planning, help choosing investments or assistance with your estate planning, a Mansfield financial planner can be a life-long ally. When researching financial planners, look for advisors who are willing to get to know you and make decisions based on your unique long-term goals. Since there is no "one size fits all" approach to financial planning, finding an advisor who understands the value of individualized advice is invaluable. Researching advisors can give you a detailed look at qualified planners in your area.

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