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Mishawaka financial planners can help Indiana families prepare for the future with confidence. Personal Indiana finance advisors can show Mishawaka residents their full range of savings options to help them decide which path is best for them, depending on their age, financial situation and future goals. A Mishawaka financial planner can be a powerful resource for getting you on the right track for budgeting, saving, and most importantly, reaching your long-term goals. Researching Mishawaka personal finance planners online is an excellent way to find all your local options so you can choose the advisor most in line with your long-term retirement dreams.

Benefits of Financial Planning

Seeking the help of a Mishawaka financial planner is a great first step toward gaining full control over your finances. Even if you seem comfortable with your current standard of living and have little trouble meeting your monthly obligations, you might not have thought through every scenario. If you suffered an unexpected medical emergency that temporarily prevented you from working, or if you unexpectedly lost your job, could you financially survive without the income? Chances are, you could get by with the help of friends and family, but a Mishawaka financial planner can help you build a small emergency nest egg to get you through those unexpected tough times. Your IN personal finance planner can even show you where in your budget you can cut expenses to start your emergency savings account.

Another valuable benefit that Mishawaka financial planners can provide is confidence in understanding your options for retirement. You might have heard terms like 401k or IRA accounts before, but you might not know which account is right for you or how these options can help you no matter what your income is. A 401k account is a tax-deferred retirement fund offered through your IN employer. If you work for the government or certain nonprofit organizations in Indiana, you might have the option of a 403b plan instead, which offers similar benefits. With both of these accounts, you can set up monthly contributions directly from your paycheck to your retirement plan. Funds grow tax-free until you begin making withdrawals during retirement. For many people, this is a great benefit. In some cases, your employer will even match your funds up to 100 percent. Ask your employer about 401k plans at your company and whether any matching opportunities exist.

If a 401k plan is not offered through your IN employer, or even if you simply want to diversify your accounts, you can open an Individual Retirement Account, also known as an IRA. You can have an IRA and a 401k at the same time, although the maximum annual amounts you can contribute are different. As of 2012, you can contribute up to $16,500 annually to your 401k, and up to $5,000 to your IRA. These amounts can increase once you reach the age of 50 and are nearer to retirement. Your Mishawaka financial planner can help you determine what percentage of your income you should contribute. Your planner can also help you transfer your 401k savings to an IRA or other account if you change jobs.

Choosing a Financial Planner

Good personal finance planners share many qualities, not least of which are honesty, integrity and excellent communications skills. Although no mandatory qualifications for financial planners currently exist, you should look for planners with "CFP," or Certified Financial Planner after their name. This voluntary accreditation shows you that a given Mishawaka planner is registered with the state of Indiana and has met certain base and ongoing education requirements related to the field, including a CFP Certification Exam. This certification gives you the peace of mind that your Mishawaka advisor is qualified and committed to serving your best interests.

Another factor you'll want to consider when researching Mishawaka financial planners is their fee structure. Unless you have very complex finances and many complicated assets to organize, you will want to look at fee-based financial planners in Mishawaka who work on a flat hourly rate. These planners will make the same amount of money no matter what your portfolio looks like, so unlike commission-based advisors, they'll have no personal gains in the products they recommend or the decisions they make. Open communication with your Mishawaka advisor can ensure a trusting relationship with frank, open conversations about fees.

Working with a Mishawaka financial planner can be one of the most valuable decisions you make as you plan for your children's future education, determine whether or not you should buy a home and plan for your own retirement. All of these decisions can be complicated without the help of a trusted advisor. Mishawaka financial planners can give you the peace of mind that you are making smart decisions for yourself and your family.

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