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New Britain financial planners of Connecticut provide the residents of this beautiful city important financial planning services for every stage of their lives. From new Connecticut graduates just starting their careers to retirees that want to keep growing their nest egg and planning for the future, New Britain planners are necessary partners in reaching your financial goals at every stage of your life.

As we move through life we learn many valuable lessons. One of the most important is learning how to manage our money. It is vital that we learn to budget, live within our means, and find ways to make our money work for our future. At every turn there are decisions to be made about our money. Working with New Britain financial planners you always have experienced New Britain, CT money planners to help you navigate all your choices. When you have a plan, you tend to get better results.

Women and Money

Being a women in New Britain holds unique challenges when it comes to financial planning. Women make less money than men, have more interruptions in their careers, and are sometimes less experienced in the language of finances. Times are changing but women still find themselves at the mercy of unfriendly retirement account options through their employers. When women partner with a New Britain, Connecticut financial planning professionals they can find ways to turn these disparities around. Women are often better served by private retirement accounts that do not penalize them for taking time off to raise children. These accounts might be a better choice for a working mom that needs flexibility. A New Britain financial planner makes sure you are aware of all the alternatives, what they offer you, and what will better serve your unique needs as a woman.

When you decide to have kids there are many decisions to be made. Will you or your spouse stay home? Can you afford the time off? How soon do I start a college fund for my kids? New Britain financial planners in Connecticut are well versed in savings options for families. If we all waited to make all these decisions and have all the right answers, no one would have kids unless they are wealthy. Of course, it would be great to plan ahead for our expanding family, but what about those of us that already have kids and are just now looking to take control of our finances?

Once your kids are here and you are juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, and a career, a New Britain fee only financial planner in CT can assist you in setting up college accounts to fund their college educations. People with a college degree earn more in a lifetime than non-college graduates. Formal secondary education is expensive. There are grants, scholarships and loans available, but they only go so far, and loans are a huge liability on young workers. Giving your kids freedom to choose their school, whether it is in New Britain or anywhere in the US, and not have to worry so much about money is a tremendous gift that allows them to focus on learning.

Women and Investing

There are so many great investment options available. How do you choose the right ones for you? Are you interested in New Britain, CT real estate? There are some great deals to be had and it could be a great long-term investment choice. Would you feel more comfortable with low-risk investments which means lower returns, or do you have the luxury of being young and can afford more high-risk investing so you can make more money? These are all personal choices. A New Britain financial planner can help you formulate an investment portfolio that takes into account your risk comfort level, how many years you have until you retire, and how much you want to have in your retirement years.

Being a women has its advantages and its hardships. When we bring a New Britain financial planner onto our team we can turn those hardships into advantages. Financial planners are able to look at the big picture of your financial life. They have the experience and education to assist you in forming a plan for every part of your life. They can offer flexibility in your savings, and can help you draw a blueprint to successfully fund all parts of your life and your future.

A no obligation consultation with New Britain financial planners will show you just how valuable these experienced money planners can be to your present and future plans. Finding every possible way to grow your money is something you owe yourself. You work hard and your money should work hard for you. Fiscal planners in New Britain are experienced and are ready to put that experience to work for your family.

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