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Orange County financial planners help the working professionals of Southern California build a more secure future. An Orange County financial planner can be a lifelong partner in helping you meet your personal savings and CA investment goals. Whether you've just started a career in this thriving region or you're approaching retirement, it's never to late to consult with a California financial professional. Hone your financial strategies and maximize the value of your income with Orange County financial planners.

As one of the largest counties in California by population, Orange County has a bustling economy. A number of leading Fortune 500 companies make their home in Orange County and the region is a hub of tourism and retail. As the location of Disneyland and other major attractions, Orange County is an exciting, fun place to visit or raise a family. Orange County financial planners make it easy for you to enjoy your free time with your loved ones instead of worrying about the details of planning your finances.

Orange County 401k Plans

Whether you work in finance, information technology, health care or one of the other major industries in this Southern CA county, preparing for retirement is probably one of your top priorities. The costs of retiring in California are higher than many residents realize. The effects of inflation, rising health insurance costs, Orange County real estate and many other factors have driven up the cost of living for retirees in this area. An Orange County financial planner can help you evaluate your readiness for retirement and stay on track with your objectives.

Many private employers in Orange County offer a 401k plan as a benefit of employment. A 401k is a tax deferred investment vehicle that allows you to set aside a maximum sum of money each year for the costs of your future retirement income. When you open a 401k, your employer will make tax deferred elective contributions to your account on your behalf. Because these funds are deducted on a pre tax basis, participation in a 401k reduces your taxable income. Contributions and earnings are taxed when you collect distributions after you retire.

Over time, the funds in your 401k will earn interest and dividends through the account manager's investments. With many plans, the participant has the option to choose an investment strategy that fits his or her financial goals and level of risk tolerance. Many 401k accounts are linked to mutual funds, which draw from a diverse set of assets to maximize the account's earning potential.

In addition to your earnings from a 401k, your account can grow through your employer's contributions. Employers often make the 401k plan available to their staff after one year of employment and begin matching contributions after a certain period of time. When an employer matches your contributions, your account's growth will be maximized even further, and you'll meet your goals even faster.

An Orange County financial planner can recommend a number of financial strategies that will bring you closer to your objectives for the future. Professional financial planners gauge their clients' level of risk tolerance, review their assets and liabilities and discuss their goals before recommending a strategy. Interview several planners to find a qualified professional who can help you reach the important milestones of your life.

Buying a Home

If owning your own home is your dream, working with knowledgeable planners can help you fulfill that dream more efficiently. Property values in Southern CA are high, and many young professionals and families find that the goal of home ownership is beyond their reach. Investment planners help their clients devise financial strategies that help them meet long term targets, like owning a residence, starting a business or saving enough money for an early retirement. Look for an Orange County financial planner whose training and expertise match your goals.

An Orange County financial planner can tell you about tax breaks and credits that help young buyers afford a house they truly want. If you have an IRA or a Roth IRA, you may be eligible to withdraw up to $10,000 to make a down payment on a first home without the standard early withdrawal penalties. Whether you're buying, building or rebuilding a property, your funds can be applied to this valuable investment if you're purchasing a residence for the first time. In addition, financial planners can tell you about tax credits that will make your purchase even more affordable.

Certified planners have the knowledge and experience to help their clients meet their major milestones. To find a reliable advisor, compare information from several of the top Orange County financial planners in your community. Take time to talk with a number of established professionals to find an expert who can help you reach your targets in your desired time frame.

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