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Redlands financial planners are professionals that help their clients achieve their fiscal goals. While Redlands financial planners can help their clients achieve positive goals, such as retirement or sending their kids to college, they also help their clients navigate through the waters of less than exciting life developments, such as divorce or foreclosure. Counseling their clients through all California financial events is one aspect of the job of Redlands financial planners.

Financially Preparing for Divorce in Redlands, CA

Unfortunately, about half of all marriages end in divorce. If you are heading down that path, it is important to be as financially prepared as possible. Enlisting the help of a Redlands financial planner is a smart step if you think you will facing divorce.

For the best possible advice, look for a Redlands financial planner with divorce financial analysis and counseling experience. Planners with this type of experience will be best versed in the intracacies of the fiscal implications of divorce. Free professional money planners with this designation will also be able to advise on particularities of divorce in Redlands, CA.

If a divorce is imminent, your Redlands financial planner can offer advice on what to do to prepare yourself in the financial realm. He may advise to make copies of any financial document you can get your hands on, from monthly utility bills to income tax returns, pay stubs to 401(k) statements. Being armed with as much information as to your financial state as possible will only benefit you in your divorce.

The next step, after forming a dossier of any paperwork related to you and your spouse's financials, is to create your own accounts and save as much cash as possible. If there will be any division of martial cash, it could be awhile before you are able to get your hands on it. Your Redlands financial planner can take stock of your income and current expenses and help you figure out how and what to save.

Your Redlands financial planner can also help you determine what type of divorce to get, at least from a monetary standpoint. There are a few options ranging from legal separation to pro se divorce, in which each side represents themselves and divorces with attorneys involved. Each will come with its own set of costs. Financial planners in Redlands, California can help to foresee these costs.

Redlands planners will also take a look at your shared martial assets, debts and income. They may take into account any children and their ages in order to help you strategize for your divorce. An understanding of California divorce law will help your advisor develop your plan for you.

Redlands, CA planners can also counsel their clients on the implications of divorce on taxes, the division of retirement accounts held and contributed to during the length of the marriage, health care costs, allocation of stocks and their funds and debt reduction advice. Visiting Redlands fiscal planners pre divorce is a smart first step to make sure you have your bases covered.

Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is another event with extremely negative effects on the health of your financials. It is to be avoided at all costs. If you feel like you are on the road to foreclosure, an advisor can be a great resource for avoiding foreclosure.

Most importantly, when facing foreclosure, tackle the problem head on. While receiving letters from your lender can be scary, it is important to read and respond to all correspondence. Talk to your lender with the help of your advisor as soon as you think you may be in trouble.

After contacting your lender, make paying your mortgage your first priority behind healthcare costs. Use your assets to make payments if necessary. Your money manager can help you evaluate which assets can be sold off to make payments to avoid foreclosure.

Your advisor can steer you in the right direction toward reputable programs that offer foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation. They can also steer you away from less than reputable foreclosure prevention companies and recovery scams. If you hear of a program that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Check it out with your advisor before entering any programs that offer foreclosure relief.

No one wants to get divorced or lose their home to foreclosure but these things happen. It is important to be proactive in both instances. Enlisting the help of a trusted advisor is a good first step toward facing these events head on.

Redlands financial planners can help with all aspects of fiscal advising, even those less than happy life events. Enlisting the help of a trusted fiscal advisor as an ally will be essential to navigating the rough waters of a major life change. Protecting yourself and your money is worth the expense.

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