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Retirement activities have evolved drastically in the last decade as more seniors have foregone ideas of what retirement should be and pursued activities that reflect what they think their golden years ought to be. That Sun Valley Resort in Idaho reports an average skier age of 55 years old is just one indication that retirees are becoming more active, traveling more often and enjoying life to the fullest in ways that are often associated with younger demographics. Senior adventure tours, cruises and cultural excursions have become a growing niche among travel operators as exuberant baby boomer population seeks new and interesting retirement activities, and investing for retirement.

A Full Range of Activities

Hardworking employees once feared boredom after retiring. Now, retirees can look forward to much more than a round of golf or remodeling the house. Retirement activities might now include running clubs for seniors, traveling groups, foreign language classes and cooking classes. More and more retirees are viewing their retirement as a chance to do things they've always wanted to do or to try new experiences. Some have even taken the opportunity to volunteer abroad, join the Peace Corps or use a skill to make a difference in their community. Time is precious, and more retirees and making the most of it. Researching retirement activities that interest you while you're young can help you financially plan to enjoy these activities once you retire. Building a "wish list" and keeping it visible can help you stay on track, giving you something to look forward to after you retire.

Financially Planning for Retirement

Even if you're fit enough to enjoy a mountain bike trip or ski excursion in your 60s, you will still need to plan ahead to have the financial means to enjoy all your favorite retirement activities. Retirement requires just as much, if not more, financial planning as your younger years demanded. A fixed income and uncertain investment returns can put a damper on your dreams if your aren't prepared, particularly if those dreams entail touring the seven natural wonders of the world or taking on new recreational activities. Discussing your long-term dreams with a certified financial planner can help you develop a budget that allows you to enjoy all the retirement activities on your list without sacrificing your stability or your hard-earned nest egg. Speaking with a financial planner also allows you to communicate your goals to someone who can give you a realistic road map for what is ultimately possible and how you can get there.

The younger you are when you seek professional advice, the more useful your financial planner can be in creating a budget that devotes certain funds directly to your "retirement activities account" so you can plan your living expenses, expected health costs and other budget needs during retirement around your desired lifestyle. After all, your post-employment years should be spent doing what you love to do most or what you've always wanted to do. Your options are more open with smart financial planning with a certified advisor.

Choosing a Financial Planner

Finding a trusted financial advisor who understands your goals and communicates well is an important part of realizing your dreams and taking part in your most desired retirement activities. There are several qualities to look for in a good financial planner. A thorough understanding of financial markets, retirement strategies and a proven track record is important, along with a good reputation. A little online research or a requested list of references should give you this peace of mind. Another vital quality is the ability to clearly communicate. Understanding how to personally make good choices will give you better control of your financial future and the ability to make changes where you see fit along the way.

Finding a firm that you trust is also important. Some large financial planning firms assign clients a team of finance planners, which is a good option if you like having at least one familiar face on your team in case of turnover. If you prefer one-to-one attention, you might want to research small, local firms. With smaller companies you are more likely to work with just one certified financial planner who can get to know you and help you determine a personalized strategy to enjoy all the retirement activities on your wish list.

Planning your financial future can be complicated, but working with a financial planner can give you peace of mind with expert advice. With so many factors to consider, from your basic living expenses to planning a fund for activities, a personal finance expert can help you build a robust nest egg that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. Working with a financial planner can help you enjoy a range of exciting retirement activities without harming your financial security.

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