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Rock Island financial planners have the credentials and Illinois money planning qualifications to help you achieve your most important milestones. Throughout your life, major stages will be marked by the financial decisions you make. A Rock Island financial planner can help you with decisions like buying a home, starting an education savings fund and developing a business plan for your own small company. Talk with several Rock Island financial professionals to find the expert who can become a partner in your personal savings and investment strategies.

Rock Island is one of the Quad Cities, a group of communities in Illinois and Iowa located on the Mississippi River. The river has played an important role in the economic and cultural development of Rock Island. Bridge building was historically one of the most lucrative industries in Rock Island. Today, residents of Rock Island enjoy access to a wide range of employment opportunities in this thriving region. Certified financial planners help IL professionals make smart decisions about their financial futures.

Education Savings Plans

Illinois is home to some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the Midwestern US. Whether your kids plan to attend a private university or a public institution in IL, the costs of tuition may seem prohibitive. As the costs of an advance education rise, college graduates are burdened with more student loan debt than ever. Knowledgeable planners can assist you in developing a financial game plan for your children's education.

Rock Island financial planners can help you review the most popular approaches to saving for a college education. The 529 plan is a state-sponsored educational saving strategy that allows parents to set aside money that will earn tax free interest until their kids are ready to start college. Although contributions to a 529 plan are not tax deductible, eligible distributions from the fund are not subject to federal tax. In some states, state taxes may apply. Each state, including IL, operates its own 529 plans, which are affiliated with state colleges and universities.

The primary advantage of a 529 plan is that the funds you save apply to future costs of tuition. With the costs of a university education increasing, this feature may prove extremely helpful. Instead of being subject to the effects of inflation, you can feel confident that the money you're setting aside will help your child reach his or her academic goals in Illinois.

A Rock Island financial planner can help you review the most popular education saving strategies and select an account that will help you reach your objectives. A Coverdell Education Savings Account, or ESA, is an attractive option for many families, especially if you want to apply your savings to the costs of primary or secondary education. As with the 529 plan, there are limits to the amount of money you may contribute to a Coverdell ESA each year. A Rock Island financial planner can help you integrate a 529 or Coverdell ESA into your saving strategy.

Long Term Care Insurance

Funding your own retirement is as important as helping your children establish a financial future. Some Rock Island financial planners may advise you that building an income for the years when you're no longer working should be your most important financial goal. While your kids may receive assistance with their educational expenses from a variety of sources, you are the only source of your own future security. Work with a Rock Island financial planner to establish a strategy that will address all of your needs.

Retirement planners will tell you that preparing for your medical needs as a senior citizen is one of the most important aspects of securing a stable future. Long term care insurance can give you access to more options in housing and medical treatment in your elder years. The primary purpose of long term care insurance is to pay for options that aren't covered by private health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Rock Island planners can introduce you to the benefits and features of long term care coverage, so you can make a decision about this valuable product.

Long term care insurance may cover part of the costs of assisted living, skilled nursing, home health care or hospice care. Your policy may also cover specialized care, such as housing in a residence for Alzheimer's patients, or the cost of a live-in caregiver. A Rock Island financial planner can help you choose a policy that gives you access to choices that can make your senior years more comfortable.

Qualified planners have extensive training in investment strategies, retirement planning, insurance options and many other areas. The best Rock Island financial planners have a general knowledge of the components that make up a successful strategy. Talk with several planners to find a professional who can guide you through the process of developing a successful life plan.

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