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South Jordan financial planners are certified professionals who can help Utah families prepare for all kinds of milestones, from saving for a first South Jordan home to planning for the kids' college education. South Jordan financial planners can even help parents tackle all these important milestones while finding a way to save for retirement and sneaking in life's little pleasures like the occasional family vacation. Working with a South Jordan financial planner can give UT residents a professional plan to follow so they can focus on their living their lives to the fullest with the peace of mind that their finances are in good hands.

The services you need from a South Jordan financial planner can vary widely depending on your age, your income and what your long-term goals are. If you live paycheck to paycheck like many young couples, you probably need some immediate assistance with your budget. You could probably also use some help with an insurance fund to safeguard against an emergency preventing you or your spouse from being able to work. If you are just starting to build your savings, paying off debt and creating an emergency fund equal to three months' salary for both you and your spouse. This is especially important if you have kids. A South Jordan financial planner can help you get a kick start to building your personal finances if you are a young couple.

Saving for Your Children's Future

Some of the most important services that Utah financial planners can offer families involve a couple's children. South Jordan financial planners can help you save for your kids' college education and even their future retirement. Utah residents can take advantage of the state's 529 Plan to help subsidize scholarships and loans for college and graduate school. Families can use 529 Plans to save with special tax benefits. These accounts can be used for qualified colleges nationwide, not just schools within Utah. This makes a 529 Plan a flexible and important part of many families' education savings strategy. A South Jordan financial planner can help you set up a 529 Pan.

In addition to saving for your kids' education, you might also want to start a savings account to help them start their lives after college. Many financial planners in South Jordan can help you determine the best account based on how much you can contribute and when you would like to make the funds available to your children. Financial planners might recommend a Certificate of Deposit if you want a low-risk, steady-growth investment with a higher yield than a savings account at your local South Jordan bank. A Certificate of Deposit, or CD, can be available within six months to 10 years. You can incur penalties for withdrawing early.

Another low-risk option for your children's future savings is a U.S. Savings Bond, which also offers a slightly higher interest rate than a savings account. A benefit of government savings bonds is that the funds are tax-free when used for education. There are certain restrictions for how you can use these tax-free dollars, however. For example, they can only be used for tuition. In some cases, you must meet income restrictions as well. Your South Jordan financial planner can help you understand this option and how it can fit into your overall savings plan.

Saving for Your Retirement

In addition to your children's futures, financial planners in South Jordan can also help you with your own personal finances. One of the first accounts that UT personal finance experts often recommend is an individual retirement plan. A 401k account is one of the most popular options available through your UT employer. Some employers even match your contributions up to 100 percent. If your company doesn't offer 401k or if you are self employed, financial planners can help you find other options. If you work for a nonprofit, you might have a 403b, for example. Many people choose an Individual Retirement Account, which offers many of the same tax benefits.

Financial planners can also help you make investment decisions that can affect your retirement, such as whether or not you should buy a South Jordan home and how much you need to save to achieve your desired standard of living during your golden years. South Jordan financial planners can also help you develop the right mix of investments for your age, income and goals. If you are young, you can afford a larger percentage of risky securities in your portfolio than when you are nearing retirement. A South Jordan personal finance advisor can help you determine the right mix for you. When it comes to making sound decisions for your family's future, a certified planner can give you the peace of mind that your finances are in the hands of a professional.

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