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Tigard financial planners can offer expert advice on many aspects of your personal finances, from estate planning to retirement planning. Financial planners in Oregon can even provide services for your family, including bonds, college savings accounts and life-long lessons in smart money management for your kids. Working with a Tigard financial planner can give you the tools you need to teach your kids about saving for the future. Researching Tigard financial planners online can help you find planners with an expertise in family financial planning, allowing you to compare OR advisors to find the best one for your family.

Planning for a Family

Financial planning begins before you have children. If you think too much about the implications that kids can have on your pocket book, you might never have them at all. A Tigard financial planner can help you form a realistic plan for building your family without breaking your bank. Your advisor can walk you through each step, from choosing the right health insurance plan to saving for time off so you can spend time with your newborn. Your personal finance planner can even help you make decisions such as what your child care budget can realistically be and whether you can afford to send your kids to private grade school. Many financial planners recommend starting a savings bond for young children that matures when they reach a certain age, often after they have graduated from college.

While planning a family, it can be easy to forget your other long-term financial plans and obligations. A Tigard financial planner can help you stay on track with your retirement, estate planning and other goals. Personal finance planners can give you all the tools to develop a budget that takes into account contributions to your 401k or IRA plan, your regular monthly obligations, your child care fund and even an entertainment fund. Financial planning, after all, isn't about sacrifice alone but compromise. Your Tigard financial planner can help you seamlessly adjust your budget so you can enjoy life to the fullest both before and during retirement.

Saving for College

Many Oregon parents dread college tuition, but saving for this large expense is actually easier than it sounds. A 529 plan is one option that can help Tigard families of all backgrounds save for college expenses. A 529 plan is an education savings account that is run through various state or private educational facilities. One great benefit of a 529 is flexibility. You can live in one state, invest in another's 529 Plan and even send your child to a school in a completely different state. For example, if you live in Utah, you could invest in a Colorado 529 Plan and use your savings toward tuition at a college in California.

Another big advantage of 529 plans are the tax benefits you are likely to receive. Your contributions to a 529, although not deductible, grow tax-deferred until your child begins using them for tuition. As long as you use funds for educational expenses including tuition, books, fees, software and other supplies, your funds will likely be federally tax free. All state plans offer tax-deferred benefits, but each differs subtly in the details. Remember that you have 529 plans from all states available to you, so if the benefits in your state aren't as great as those of another, you can invest in a different state's plan. A Tigard financial planner can help you research benefits to find the best one for you.

Finding an Oregon Advisor

Researching OR personal finance advisors in the Tigard area can take some thorough investigating. Tigard offers many great fee-based planners who are willing to work on a flat hourly rate and specialize in family finances. Researching Tigard financial planners online can help you compare all your options, often with the benefit of honest reviews and references. No matter what Tigard advisor you choose, look for one that is certified, indicated by the suffix "CFP" after his or her name. A certified advisor is registered with the state of Oregon so you can research any complaints that might have been fielded. Certification also indicates that an advisor is committed to ongoing education and ethics in the industry.

Tigard financial planners can be excellent resources for young couples looking to start a family, or even parents of teens who face college expenses in a few short years. No matter what your situation may be, personal finance planners in Tigard can offer expert advice on all aspects of your finances, from your retirement planning to your estate. Whether you seek an advisor to help you with a specific issue or you desire life-long guidance, researching OR personal finance advisors online is an excellent way to compare all your options in the Tigard area.

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