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Walnut Creek financial planners can help you find financial freedom in your future. These certified, experienced financial planners offer a variety of services that can bring your finances in order. You need all of your economic assets working together to bring you the best returns and the best results you can get. The best results come from long term planning, investing and saving.

Whether you are a new college graduate in Walnut Creek, CA, or you are already raising a family, there are plenty of things you can do to start putting money into savings and investments to buy a home, fund your retirement, or educate your children. A Walnut Creek financial planner can also help you with your estate planning. This valuable service is a necessity especially when you are a parent of young children. Using life insurance as part of your estate plan, Walnut Creek financial planners can ensure your family is taken care of if something should happen to you.

College Planners

When you are a parent you have a lot of responsibility. One of the most important things you can do for your family in Walnut Creek is provide them the opportunity to get a college education. Using tax-friendly accounts that save and grow is the most effective way to accomplish this. Starting these accounts when your children are young gives you more time to save. A Walnut Creek financial planner can show you just how much you can accomplish in a short time. There are a couple of examples of education accounts that a Walnut Creek financial planner can set up for you.

Coverdell education savings accounts are one option that your Walnut Creek, California finance planners can show you. You can contribute a small amount out of each paycheck or contribute the maximum deposit allowed per year. Coverdell accounts are unique in that they do not just fund college. If you are looking to educate your children in private school, you can use this savings to do that.

Another option to consider is a 529 plan operated within your state. 529s operate like a IRA and are run by a state education institution in most cases. Just because you save with that CA institution does not mean you cannot send your kids to schools anywhere in Walnut Creek, California, or anywhere in the country.

Walnut Creek financial planners can show you the pros and cons of a Coverdell account or a 529 plan. For example, there are tax friendly incentives to both of these savings plans but 529s cannot be used for anything but a college education. Let a Walnut Creek financial planner help you find the most effective savings strategy to ensure your kids have enough money to complete college without taking on costly loans.

Estate Planning for Families

When you are a parent, home and estate planning takes on a new importance. You have to know that your children will be cared for in the event you cannot take care of them. Using a comprehensive strategy of obtaining the right insurance with the right coverage, investing, savings, and having the proper estate documents in place, you can be sure that the money will be there to care for them.

Insurance is an effective way to plan for what could happen. We cannot plan for everything in life but California finance planners know there are many things we can guard against. The first type of insurance to consider is disability insurance. Everyone needs a policy to protect them if they get hurt. You should get enough insurance to replace at least 60% of your income in case of injury. You also need to have life insurance in place. In the event of your death, life insurance can be used to care for your children and your spouse. You will sleep better knowing this valuable protection is in place. Should you get term, whole, or universal, and how much coverage do you need? Let a Walnut Creek financial planner help you answer those important questions and get the right policy and coverage for your family.

Walnut Creek Planners

When you make the choice to hire Walnut Creek, CA financial planners to help you map out your economic future you are giving yourself the gift that keeps on giving. As you follow the planner's recommendations and get more of the necessary pieces into place you will begin to glimpse the kind of financial freedom you only dreamed about. Many people think financial freedom is only available to the very wealthy. That is just simply not the case. Financial freedom is the freedom to give your attention to the other parts of your life. It is freedom from oppressive debt. Let Walnut Creek financial planners show you how to get there.

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