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Wausau financial planners are highly educated professionals with extensive training and certification in personal money management. Whether you earn a lucrative salary or you have a modest income, a Wausau financial planner can help you make the most of your earnings through strategic savings and investments. Finding the right financial planner in Wisconsin will get you started in the right direction when you're looking for ways to prepare for a secure, comfortable future.

Located on the Wisconsin River, the city of Wausau is known as an economically stable community. Wausau has a relatively low rate of unemployment, and the city's economy thrives on a combination of industrial manufacturing, paper manufacturing, tourism and insurance. Single professionals and families can pave the way to greater financial stability with the help of reliable Wausau financial planners. request information from several Wausau financial planners online to find a professional who can help you meet your major life goals.

Preparing for Retirement

Wausau offers its residents a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation in its public parks. Whether you enjoy sports, boating, fishing or simply experiencing the natural beauty of WI, Wausau gives you the opportunity to spend more time out of doors. Active senior citizens in Wausau stay fit and healthy by walking, cycling or canoeing in the city's park facilities. No matter how you envision your retirement in Wisconsin, you can secure a more prosperous lifestyle as a senior with the help of a Wausau financial planner.

Building an income for the years when you're no longer working requires time, dedication and careful planning. Wausau financial consultants recommend that you get started on your retirement planning strategies as soon as you start working in Wisconsin. However, in reality, many professionals don't begin to save for the future until they're in their 40s or 50s. Building a nest egg isn't always possible when you're struggling to cover household expenses. In some cases, a divorce or the loss of a job may undermine your planas.

Financial online planners help WI professionals of all ages prepare for a more secure future. If you're just starting your first job in WI, a planner may advise you to invest in a 401k or 403b through your employer. These employer sponsored plans allow you to set aside a percentage of your income each month for the costs of your retirement. Your money will grow at a tax deferred rate until you're ready to start collecting distributions at the age of 59 1/2.

Along with the money you earn through interest and dividends on investments, your account may grow through your employer's contributions. Many employers match their employees' contributions up to a certain percentage. This benefit can increase the value of your plan considerably. If you don't have access to a 401k through your workplace, consider an IRA or Roth IRA. These individual accounts provide tax advantages that make them valuable additions to your plan for financial independence.

Getting ready for the years after you've concluded your career requires a consideration of your housing and health care needs. A Wausau financial planner can introduce you to the benefits of long term care insurance, a product that can help you with the costs of assisted living, home health care, skilled nursing, hospice or respite care. Experienced financial planners can review your readiness for retirement and advise you on how you can make your plans for the future more secure.

Professional Planners Fees

When you're looking for a Wausau financial planner, compare the credentials, backgrounds and fees of several consultants before you make a decision. Planners charge for their services in different ways, so it's important to ask each expert that you interview about his or her approach. A reliable advisor will present you with written documentation of the fee schedule at your initial meeting, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you can afford a professional's rates.

Many planners charge a flat, hourly rate, along with a fee for special projects. A special project might include developing a budget, preparing taxes or providing assistance with estate planning. A Wausau financial planner may charge on a commission basis, earning a percentage of any products that he or she sells. Planners who charge by commission may have a bias toward certain investment products. You must decide whether a professional who works strictly on commission will have your best interests in mind when helping you manage your money.

Wausau financial planners are qualified professionals who understand how the economy can affect your plans. It's not always possible to start preparing for your senior years when you're in your 20s or 30s. With the help of an experienced professional, you can design an accelerated strategy that will help you catch up on your goals and achieve greater peace of mind about the future.

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