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West Des Moines financial planners can be a crucial resource to planning your financial future, even if you have a background or interest in finance. If you enjoy creating your monthly budget, following financial markets, and researching investment opportunities in Iowa, you're already a step ahead when it comes to retirement planning. A West Des Moines financial planner can help you refine your efforts by creating a well-rounded strategy for you that allows you to reach your long-term goals. Whether you want to quickly pay off your college or graduate school loans, buy a West Des Moines home or create an annual vacation fund, a West Des Moines financial planner can be one of your biggest tool in achieving your goals.

Researching Financial Planners

An online search can help you compare multiple West Des Moines financial planners to find the best one for you. Your investment preferences, risk aversion, income and specific needs will determine which firm you should choose. If you prefer getting multiple opinions and value reviews and overall reputation, you might be happiest at a Des Moines branch of a national firm, where you are likely to deal with a team of Iowa monetary planners who can offer different perspectives. If you prefer to work with a single West Des Moines financial planner who can offer personalized attention, you will likely prefer a small Des Moines based firm. At a smaller IA firm, you can get to know your advisor well and have the peace of mind that your information is all in one place.

Although finding a West Des Moines Financial Planner to whom you relate is important, differing opinions can also be healthy. This is particularly true when it comes to active investors, who are more likely to have an assertive attitude toward risk. Choosing a West Des Moines financial planner who takes a more conservative approach can add temperance to your portfolio, giving you a diverse assortment of both high-risk, high-yield and slow, steady investments. For example, if you lobby for a high percentage of common stock, your West Des Moines advisor can balance that with a healthy dose of bonds and Treasury bills.

Before You Invest

Even if you enjoy the investment aspects of financial planning, most personal finance planners and monetary budget planners in Iowa will advise that you cross off a few preliminary steps on your personal finance checklist before immersing yourself in stocks and bonds. Firstly, you need to take care of any revolving debt. Iowa financial planners often recommend paying off balances with the highest interest first until all your credit cards and short-term loans have been repaid. Sometimes eliminating debt can mean changing your lifestyle by building an emergency savings fund so you don't have to rely on high-interest credit to cover emergencies or large purchases. Financial planners often recommend saving the equivalent of three months' income for emergencies.

Personal finance planners also typically recommend starting your investment strategy with a 401k plan or IRA. These tax-deferred plans let you put aside a percentage of your paycheck each month for your retirement. A 401k plan, available through your IA employer, allows you to contribute a maximum of $16,500 a year to your account. You can contribute up to $5,000 to your IRA. These maximum allowable amounts increase once you reach age 50, and you can begin withdrawing funds once you reach age 59 and a half. Your advisor can help you determine which account is right for you and explain your options for transferring your 401k if you leave your current IA company for one that does not offer this plan.

Your Investment Strategy

Aside from researching companies for your regular portfolio, a West Des Moines personal finance advisor can offer advice on several other kinds of investments. Consulting your West Des Moines advisor about possible investment opportunities you hear of through friends and family can help you talk through these opportunities to decide which ideas are truly worth pursuing. Sometimes, "get rich quick" schemes are veiled as sound opportunities when presented by a charismatic friend or on the Internet. West Des Moines financial planners can help you decipher legitimate opportunities from questionable schemes from which you should walk away.

West Des Moines financial planners can be a great resource for many other decisions you face as you near retirement. Your advisor can recommend when or even whether or not you should sell your West Des Moines home, when you might be able to retire and what kind of budget you'll need to follow during retirement. Your advisor can even help you set realistic long-term goals and stay on track toward reaching them. Choosing your West Des Moines personal finance advisor carefully can give you a life-long source of advice on money management, investing and retirement planning.

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