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Ascent Capital Partners
5956 Sherry Lane, 20th Floor

Dallas , TX 75225


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Meaningful business relationships require real connections. As such, when managing a family's money, it's not enough just to have our interests aligned with our clients. As a Fiduciary, we aspire to foster a genuine, human connection built on trust and the desire to help families prosper.

We handpick our partners and clients. Each of our family relationships is long-term and extremely valuable to us. We do our best for people that we have authentic relationships with.

We don't subscribe to cookie-cutter investment strategies. Our process relies on implementing innovative, high-level investment strategies normally inaccessible to most. We custom-tailor our process to our clients' unique needs and always keep their best interests in mind.

Your family is unique - we are too. We offer specialized advisory services that offer access to complex financial planning strategies and private markets for those, such as entrepreneurs and medical professionals, who would benefit from alternative thinking.

Innovation in financial advisory means being at the cutting edge of opportunity. From public stocks to pre-IPOs, Venture Capital, Growth Capital, Real Estate - Hedge Funds, we help our clients responsibly diversify their portfolios into dynamic alternative investments.

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